2016 LWVAL Legislative Priorities*

Adopted by the LWVAL Board,
January 23, 2016

Follow the action on these issues in the
2015 LWVAL Legislative Report.





Priority Level I (Highest)

Monitoring and action of highest priority.

Major area for resource expenditure.

  • Voting Access and Processes

  • Governmental Transparency, including open meetings, access to information, etc.

  • Government Accountability, including Ethics in Government

  • Adequate Funding of essential programs in the General Fund


Priority Level II

Monitoring occurs

Action dependent on opportunity and available resources.


  • Election and Campaign Finance Laws

  • Natural Resources & Energy Policy
                Water Resources
                Other Resource Issues
                Energy Policy

  • Education Policy and Funding

  • Health Care, including Medicaid

  • Tax reform


Priority Level III

Monitoring occurs.

If and when opportunities arise, assess if action is feasible given resources and priorities.


  • Issues identified by the LWVAL Advocacy Committee and/or State Board or Local Leagues.

* Items listed within a Priority Level do not designate a ranked order of importance.