Agriculture in the United States

What technologies are used in modern American agriculture and how is agriculture financed? What are the key agencies that regulate food and agriculture?

All information provided here is the work of the Agriculture Study Committee of the LWV of the United States (LWV) and is underwritten by the LWV Education Fund. This information is provided as unbiased background information for the Agriculture Update Study conducted by the LWV, 2012-2014. All resources are linked to and descriptions are quoted from this LWV website Please visit that website for complete information about the League's agriculture position update.

  • Key Agencies Supporting and Regulating Food and Agriculture
  • Technology in Agriculture e.g., GMOs, herbicides, pesticides,agriculture water pollution, aquifer depletion, antibiotics in livestock, accurate food labeling
  • Financial Support for Agriculture e.g., consolidation in agriculture industries, crop subsidies, federal agricultural regulatory process
  • Acronyms - "Terms to better understand the current Agriculture Update as produced by the Agriculture Update Committee."
  • Glossary - "A list of terms in the Agriculture Update provided by the Agriculture Update Committee."
  • Multimedia Resources for Background Information - "A sampling of multimedia resources that cover the breadth of topics within the agriculture update. These are not meant to endorse any particular practice or viewpoint."
  • Suggested Readings - "The Committee has identified three specific background documents that provide a broad and relatively neutral overview of the complex set of issues addressed by U.S. agricultural policy and three websites that provide similar types of information, but from the website sponsor’s point of view."