The Role of the Federal Government in Public Education


In June, 2010 the delegates to the League of Women Voters Convention proposed and passed a study of the role of federal government in public education in the United States. The study is scheduled for completion in March 2012 and, if consensus can be reached, a national League position will be published on this issue. The unbiased information gathered in the process of this study is presented here.

  1. Historical Perspectives
  2. Funding & Equity Issues
  3. Legislation & Funding for the Disadvantaged
  4. Early Childhood Education Equity & Funding
  5. Common Core Standards & Assessments

For League Consensus Discussion Leaders and LWV Members...

CLICK HERE for additional information. Or see the LWVUS Public Education Study Consensus Kit (includes the Leaders' Guide, Consensus Response Form, Consensus Meeting Materials - Powerpoint Presentations and Consensus Questions.)