The Alabama Legislature

Who Speaks for You?

Your Alabama Congressional Representatives and State Legislators.... Who are they? What are they doing? Find them, research what they are doing to represent you, and contact them to express your views. Here are resources to help you do this.

Research & Track State Legislation

Keep track of the action during the session (or after!) by visiting the Alabama Legislative Information System Online (ALISON). Search for bills concerning issues important to you. Search for your legislators' support or opposition and votes. ALISON includes information about bills such as sponsors, history, fiscal notes, amendments and substitutions, and status. Search bills by number, keyword or content. (ALISON is compatable with MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, including the iPhone.)

The Alabama Legislature: Facts and Issues

In May 2003, the LWVAL Convention authorized a study with the aim of updating the League’s information about legislative procedures and practices. ...In conducting the study and in preparing this Facts and Issues, the study committee adhered to LWV standards for accuracy, objectivity, balance, and a fair representation of all major points of view....

The League of Women Voters offers this publication in the belief that the information has the potential to increase understanding of the legislature among League members and the public. The League’s goal is to promote the active and informed participation of citizens in government.

Both legislators and citizens testify to their need for better communication with each other. Better understanding of the legislature is one tool for building the trust and participation necessary to raise the levels of expectation and accomplishment in Alabama.

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