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League Organization

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The League of Women Voters:
League Organization

Program & Action

The League's Program and Action are supported by the General Fund. This is a 501c-4 nonprofit organization that seeks to influence public policy and citizen opinion based on its principles and issue positions. Issue positions are established by extensive unbiased study and agreement by the membership. The studies in progress and the current issue position statements constitute the League's "Program".

The LWVAL takes action to oppose or support legislation or public policy
only if the action can be based on one or more points of the following:

Find out more about the League’s General Fund activities on the Take Action! web pages.

Citizen Education & Voter Services

The League's Citizen Education activities and Voter Services are supported by the Education Fund. The LWVAL-EF is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization that seeks to educate citizens about complex public issues in a strictly unbiased way and encourage participation in the democratic process. The “Ed Fund” supports such activities as voter registration drives, nonpartisan candidate debates and forums, and unbiased issue forums. It does not support or oppose legislation or public policies. Find out more about the League’s Education Fund activities on the
Learn & Vote web pages.