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We need your help to provide non-partisan information to the citizens of Alabama about public issues, voting, and the democratic process. Please make a tax-free donation to the LWVAL Education Fund.

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Fill out a registration form and mail it in to your County Board of Registrars. You do not have to declare a party affiliation in Alabama when you register. There is no required residency time limit for voter registration in Alabama. You must re-register if you have moved to another county. If you have moved (even down the street!) or have not voted in more than 4 years, fill out a Voter Registration Update Form at the polls.



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scales of justice jpg   AL Appellate Courts
Voter Guide

Published by the
LWVAL Education Fund
A nonpartisan guide to information about the Alabama Courts of Appeal and the candidates running
in those elections in 2008

Birmingham News Voter Guide

Build your ballot based on your voting location and get candidate information.

Sample Ballots

Proposed Constitutional Amendments 
There were 6 proposed amendments to the Alabama Constitution that will be on all ballots statewide on November 4. There were 29 additional proposed constitutional amendments that will be on single county ballots. Click here to see all the proposed amendments.

Candidate Campaign Finance Information
Who has contributed to the candidates? How much? Follow the money.
Read, Listen, Watch
The news media is usually a good source for unbiased coverage of candidate activities and positions. Note that media editorial boards often endorse candidates. However, the news coverage should be nonpartisan. Pay attention to what the candidates do and how they have voted if currently in office. Watch political ads with a critical eye, especially negative ads against an opponent.

Election Tools & Tips from LWVUS

The leaders you elect make decisions that affect you - your job, your health care, your energy costs, your security and more. Get Registered. Get Informed. Get Out and Vote on November 4th.

Debates 101
Get the Most out of the Presidential Debates.A wide range of resources to help you get the most out of your debate-watching experience.

2008 Presidential Voters' Guide
Read our Presidential Voters' Guide; which includes candidate responses on a range of policy issues.
A comprehensive guide to election information and voting in all 50 states.

Presidential Candidate Web Sites
Listed in alphabetical order by party affiliation for your information. The League of Women Voters neither supports nor opposes any political candidate or any political party.

Democratic Party Ticket

Republican Party Ticket
  • John McCain for President
    Sarah Palin for Vice President
The following candidates will be listed on ballots in Alabama. Although they are associated with political parties, they did not meet the requirements to be listed on the ballot as representing their respective parties.

Independent Tickets

  • Bob Barr for President
    Wayne Root for Vice President
  • Ralph Nader for President
    Mat Gonzalez for Vice President

If you're 18-30, you're hot! 
...a hot commodity, that is. Young adults aged 18-30 can swing elections this year. That's POWER! Check out these League partners in the "Smackdown Your Vote" campaign. These sites are helpful for first time voters, and they  focus on the issues important to younger voters. (Issue statements do not necessarily reflect positions of the League of Women Voters.)

Declare Yourself!
The Power of 18....

Declare Yourself - Hollywood Celebrates 18

Check out Declare Yourself  - media-rich with hilarious spoken word artists and comedy celebrity PSA video clips. (Hey, they're teamed with Comedy Central - whadya expect?)

Download this brochure to see what issues young voters care about and what they're asking their candidates. Throw in your voice at a candidate event and... SMACKDOWN YOUR VOTE ON ELECTION DAY!

Rock the Vote gifMTV's Rock the Vote

Another must see, media rich site! Rock the Vote "engages youth in the political process by incorporating the entertainment community and youth culture into its activities. ...mobilizes young people to create positive social and political change in their lives and communities." And they're cool, too!

Kids Voting USA

For the future voters. "Kids Voting USAź (KVUSA) is working to secure the future of democracy by preparing young people to be educated, engaged voters." Teachers and kids, be sure to check out the Kids Voting USA resource page!

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Apply for an Absentee Ballot

Can't go to your polling place to vote on election day? You can vote by mail or vote in person before election day in your county Circuit Clerk's office. This is called absentee voting. Absentee voting is only allowed under certain circumstances, however. It is the voting method used by millitary and overseas personel, college students, the homebound, poll workers, and those with last minute business or health emergencies. Check out this absentee voting information from the AL Secretary of State to see if you are eligible and how to vote absentee.

Remember, you do have to apply for an absentee ballot, and your application must be received no later than five days before the  election. Contact your County Circuit Clerk (who is the Absentee Election Manager of the county) if you have questions about absentee voting.

TIP for college sudents!

You can vote in person in the precinct of your college residence. Just register to vote there. BUT if you want to vote in your hometown, and you're not going to be there on election day, it's not a problem. Just
vote absentee! Get an absentee ballot application. 

Assistance for Armed Services & Other Overseas Citizens
If you are overseas and need assistance with absentee voting and registration, you can contact the AL Secretary of State or  the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). FVAP provides assistance to any U.S.citizen who:

  • (1) is an active duty member of the Uniformed Services or eligible member of their family.
  • (2) resides outside the United States.

Federal Voting Assistance Program
1155 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1155
703/588-1584 FAX: 703/588-0108
1-800/438-8683 (Toll Free)

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