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Members Taking Consensus on Health Care in Alabama - Local League reporting deadline Nov. 30, 2013


LWVAL calls for transparency, accessibility, and public participation from the AL Public Service Commission

AL Public Service Commission set to hear from Alagasco and public in upcoming hearings LWVAL encourages public participation in the review process. These public meetings reported by al.com:

  • Sept. 5 - Montgomery - PSC will hear from Alagasco about its operations and economics of the natural gas industry.

  • Sept. 25 - Auburn - In PSC day meeting Alagaco presents pipeline safety and corporate risk. At night meeting, there will be a public forum/ Alagasco customer feedback.

  • Oct. 9 - Montgomery - Public discussion with PSC of Alagasco rate structure and Rate Stabilization and Equalization agreement.

Read al.com's coverage of the PSC's actions. LWVAL encourages transparency and citizen participation in this review process.


Alabama Public Service Commission holds public hearings in Tuscaloosa on June 18

LWVAL will speak. AL citizens are encouraged to attend.

NOTE: An update on the proceedings of the public hearings will be posted here soon. Read the LWVAL statement before the PSC regarding the "Operation and Utilization of Rate RSE (Rate Stabilization and Equalization) of Alabama Power Company" presented on June 18.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Alabama Public Service Commission meetings will be held at the University of Alabama Law School in Tuscaloosa in the Moot Court Room. At the 6:00 p.m. meeting, Scarlett Gaddy, Co-president of the League of Women Voters of Alabama, will read a statement on behalf of the LWVAL. [That statement will be posted here after the presentation.] Board member Joyce Lanning will represent the League as a participant in the 2 p.m. hearing. Several other members of the LWVAL Board will observe the PSC meetings, including Vice-president Kathy Byrd, and Directors Barbara Caddell and Myra Evans. All Alabama citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in these public hearings. The next and final Alabama Power proceedings will be in Montgomery on July 17 and possibly 18.

The LWVAL has been active for over six months working to bring about "better transparency, accountability, and citizen participation for the energy future of Alabamians." Dr. Lanning has been an observant presence at PSC meetings. Critical questions by Lanning and others have encouraged public examination and review of PSC procedures. Co-President Leonette Slay and former President Mary Lynn Bates have represented the LWVAL when meeting with the Commissioners and their representatives. LWV Mobile Vice-president Gina Finnegan and Director Barbara Caddell (also LWVAL Board members) have been instrumental voices in rate structure and transparency discussions. They well represented the League in the first PSC meetings in Mobile and Montgomery concerning Mobile Gas. Documents have benefited from Board member Hattie Kauffman’s review.

The League's efforts have effectively encouraged the PSC to move toward greater transparency and much needed procedural changes. As reported by al.com in this article and this article, videos of PSC meetings will be available to the public on the PSC web site. The articles also note that "substantial changes" in the rate review process are now expected. The League's work is expected to yield even broader future benefits. As Lanning explained, "The time and energy so many [LWVAL leaders] have put into expanding transparency and citizen participation at the Public Service Commission may well be rewarded with a more informed and participatory energy decision process for Alabama."

The PSC will hold "Public Proceedings to Consider the Further Extension and/or Modification of Alabama Gas Corporation's Rate Stabilization and Equalization Mechanism" on September 5, 25, October 9, and November 13 in Montgomery. For more information see this notice on the AL PSC website.


LWVAL Speaks Out on Charter School Legislation 

March 31, 2012

Over the past year, charter schools has been a much debated issue in Alabama, and the Alabama legislature is currently considering charter schools enabling legislation. After an in-depth study lasting almost one year, the League of Women Voters of Alabama has published its position on this issue.

The LWVAL did not take a position on whether legislation authorizing charter schools in Alabama should or should not be passed. However, its membership believes that enabling legislation should require that charter schools meet certain minimum requirements for establishment, open access, transparent regulation and oversight, and academic accountability. 

Read the LWVAL issue position on charter schools.

Download the position (pdf) for printing.

Read the LWVAL press release issued 4/12/12.


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2012 First Special Session of the Alabama Legislature

2012 First Special Session Convened Thursday, May 17.
LWVAL Legislative Report on the 2012 First Special Session
Final update posted May 25, 2012


2012 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature
Convened Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Adjourned Sine Die Wednesday, May 16, 2012.

2012 Regular Session LWVAL Legislative Report
Final Report update posted May 19, 2012.

During the sessions of the Alabama Legislature, LWVAL keeps citizens informed about the Alabama Legislature's activities regarding issues of importance to the League through its LWVAL Legislative Report. For each bill, the report includes bill sponsors, bill summary, complete bill text, current status of the legislation, LWVAL's position on the legislation, and LWVAL's action. See the 2012 LWVAL Legislative Priorities list for the issues on which the LWVAL Action Team will be focused during the 2012 Regular Session and any subsequent Special Session.


LWVAL issues action alert for Gulf restoration

On Dec. 10, 2011, the League of Women Voters of Alabama issued an action alert to  encourage all congressional Senators to support legislation that would fund full restoration of the Gulf of Mexico. Senator Richard Shelby and Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama both support Senate Bill 1400, known as the Restore Act, that would do much to accomplish this. LWVAL President Kathryn Byrd wrote a letter thanking them for their support and asked them to encourage their non-Gulf State counterparts to support the bill. Dr. Byrd stated,

"Our goal is that [the Restore Act] and its House companion would dedicate the Clean Water Act fines from the Gulf oil spill towards a full restoration of the Gulf of Mexico.   The impacted communities and ecosystems of the Gulf could potentially see as much as $20 billion toward the restoration.  The wording of the bill would result in the moneys being directed directly toward restoration and not into the general fund."

LWVAL is also working with other Gulf States leagues (Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas) and with the LWVUS Advocacy Committee to advocate for passage of the Restore Act.

Please read the
LWVAL action alert and take action today! Thank you!


Take Action In Washington


Please take action as directed in action alert(s) below issued by the LWVUS. LWVAL also supports these actions. Visit LWVUS's Action Center for more information and for the most current updates. Your voice DOES make a difference! Thank you for your support!

LWVUS DISCLOSE ACT ACTION ALERT 7/13/12. We need campaign finance reform for election transparency.

The DISCLOSE Act, S.3369, would restore transparency to U.S. elections by requiring complete disclosure of spending on big-money advertising in candidate elections. We ask citizens to contact Alabama Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions. Urge them to vote for cloture (to end debate and bring the bill up for a vote) and to support the DISCLOSE Act. Please read the call to action and take action to support! NOTE: Cloture vote is expected to come up on Mon., July 16. Please act now!


For the first time ever, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could put limits on the industrial carbon pollution that fuels global warming, makes smog worse and threatens the health of children and the elderly -- and you can help make it happen.

The EPA has taken an important first step by proposing a new standard to limit carbon pollution from new power plants. The agency is now receiving public comments on the proposal and we must add our voice in support.  

You can bet that corporate polluters are already doing everything they can to block these important health protections. Members of the environmental and health communities are already voicing their support, and we must add the trusted League voice to theirs.

The EPA’s proposal sets a performance standard that will ensure new power plants limit their pollution. But this is just a down payment. Existing coal-fired power plants account for the largest chunk of carbon dioxide pollution emitted by stationary sources in the US, which is roughly on a par with the carbon dioxide pollution emitted by the entire transportation sector.

We need to build strong support for the EPA’s proposal on new plants to ensure that there will be political support for taking the next step -- controlling carbon pollution from existing power plants!

Send a powerful message to let the EPA know you want them to support people not polluters. Your comment will be delivered with those of thousands of League members and supporters across the country.

Other Recent Action Advisories from LWVUS...

League, Other Groups Urge Congress to Approve the DISCLOSE Act (NEW)
The League joined civic organizations and investor groups in this letter, calling on Congress to support H.R. 4010, the DISCLOSE 2012 Act. H.R. 4010 provides the public with basic information about campaign expenditures made by outside groups to influence federal elections and the donors financing these expenditures.

Local League Presidents Fight Discrimination (NEW)
Local Leagues across the country have responded to recent attempts in Congress to allow employers and health plans to block contraceptive services and discriminate against women. Many Leagues sent letters to their local papers raising concerns about legislation limiting access to contraceptive services. Check out a full list of the letters published or send a link to your letter to be added to the site.

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