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LWVAL Action Priority Level II - Monitoring occurs; action dependent on opportunity and available resources.

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green-right-arrow.jpgthumbs_up_icon.jpgHB37 - Injection-Associated infectious disease elimination, pilot programs by Dept. of Public Health and local health authorities authorized, limited criminal immunity granted

Sponsor(s): Representative Williams (JD)

Synopsis: This bill would establish the Alabama Injection-Associated Infectious Disease Elimination Act.
This bill would authorize the Department of Public Health and local health authorities to establish injection-associated infectious disease elimination pilot programs in certain counties.
This bill would provide guidelines for injection-associated infectious disease elimination pilot programs.
This bill would also provide criminal and civil immunity to certain individuals and entities to facilitate and encourage participation in infectious disease elimination programs.

This bill was introduced in the House last year by Rep Williams (HB 455). It passed the House but died in the Senate.  The LWV supported this bill last year.  Note this bill addresses the consequences of opioid abuse including HIV, Hepatitis B & C, sexually transmitted diseases and other high risk behaviors. It will operate in counties designated by the Dept. of Public Health. 

League Action and Justification: Support.

Bill Progress in Legislature:

01/09/2018 - Read for the first time and referred to the House Committee on Health (HLTH).

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