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Here are some of the top public issues studied by the LWVAL and on which the LWVAL has come to a policy position. LWVAL studies are unbiased. In these studies, the League gathers factual information from many sources and from different perspectives. The study information is usually presented in an unbiased "Facts and Issues" publication. League members then attempt to come to a consensus position on the issue. If consensus is reached, the League publicly states its position and may take action to support or oppose public policy and legislation as opportunity permits based on the position.

      Health Care in AL
           Health Care in AL 2010: Facts and Issues (based on 2010 study)
Health Care in AL 2013: Facts and Issues (based on 2013 update study)
LWVAL position on Health Care in AL

      Charter Schools

           Charter Schools: Facts and Issues (based on 2011 study)
LWVAL position on Charter Schools

      Alabama Legislature
           Alabama Legislature: Facts and Issues (based on 2003-2005 study)
LWVAL position on the Alabama Legislature

      Natural Resources
          Learn & Vote: Natural Resources & the Environment
Global Warming - Information and Action
LWVAL position on Natural Resources

      Constitutional Reform
           Various LWVAL study resources (dating 1969-present)
LWVAL position on Constitutional Reform


Current LWVAL action alerts will be posted here when issued.

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LWVAL 2017 Regular Session
Alabama Legislative Report

Read the Report

Last updated March 19, 2017.

The Alabama Legislature is in temporary recess and
will reconvene on April 4, 2017.

The 2017 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature
convened on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.


LWVAL 2016 First Special Session
Alabama Legislative Report

Read the Report

Last updated September 9, 2016.
The First Special Session 2016 of the Alabama Legislature has adjourned sine die. The LWVAL Legislative Report on this session remains posted for your review.


LWVAL 2016 Regular Session
Alabama Legislative Report

Read the Report

The 2016 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature
adjourned May 4, Sine Die. The 2016 Regular Session Legislative Report is updated through the end of the 2016 Regular Session and remains posted for your review.

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These are the important national issues addressed by the League of Women Voters.
  • Protecting voters
  • Educating and engaging voters
  • Reforming money in politics
  • Defending the environment

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