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Unofficial 2016 Election Results for
Baldwin County
Jefferson County
Madison County
Mobile County

Official 2016 Election Results
The audit review required for certification of election results (state election result canvassing) takes place in the office each county judge of probate at 12:00 noon on the second Friday following the election. See the law: Alabama Code 17-12-15. Results are posted See certified Alabama election results here.

Status of Provisional and Absentee Ballots
Did your provisional or absentee ballot count? Check
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The following election information
remains posted for your information.

Are you ready for Election Day 2016?

AL candidate and amendment info. at Vote411.org
Check all our election resources.
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VOTE on November 8, 2016.



LWVAL Publishes Study on Payday Loan Storefront Businesses in Alabama

“This report, the effort of LWVAL members around the state, attempts to provide the reader perspective from the major stake-holder groups involved in payday loans, including regulators, the payday loan industry and consumer protection organizations. It also looks at Alabama's and other states' experiences with payday loan regulation. It does not include online or car-title lending.”
Read Payday Lending Stores in Alabama: Facts and Issues.
Published by the League of Women Voters of Alabama. August 2016.

MEMBERS, look for a League meeting near you soon on payday lending stores in Alabama. Local Leagues of Women Voters all over Alabama are holding meetings to discuss the LWVAL study findings and attempt to reach consensus on this issue. Please review the
Payday Lending Study Packet which includes the League’s consensus process, the Facts and Issues study report, consensus questions, a PowerPoint presentation, and Study Committee recommendations for further reading. If you are a League member and need assistance accessing the Study Packet materials, please contact Jean Johnson at jjohnson(at)lwval(dot)org or 205 222-2097.


Free Photo Voter ID Spotlight!

Church of the Holy Comforter, 2911 Woodley Rd, Montgomery, AL 36111 is hosting a free voter identification event through the state of Alabama on Wednesday, August 25 from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. Qualifying photo ID is required to vote in Alabama, so if you don't have one, come on by! Be ready to vote on Nov. 8. You can register to vote or change your voter registration information, too!
Need a free photo voter ID but are in another county? Check out the Secretary of State's schedule to offer this service around the state between now and the Nov. election day.


Municipal Elections will be held on August 23 in most Alabama cities.

Notable exceptions are Birmingham and Bessemer in Jefferson County. Check with your City Clerk. If your city is holding an election, be sure to cast your ballot on August 23. Your local elected officials determine many important issues such as expenditures for education, police and fire protection, local road upkeep (think potholes!), and more! Polls will be open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.. Check our municipal election calendar for other important municipal election dates.


AIDB Election Workshop

220 34th Street
Birmingham, AL
Friday, August 19, 2016
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Why should you vote?
Are you registered to vote?
How could voting change your life?

The League of Women Voters of Alabama and Greater Birmingham will present an election workshop at the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB) Regional Center on August 19, 2016, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. to answer these questions. The focus will be on why it is important to vote and the costs of non-participation. There will also be a short section on getting public officials' attention to influence public policy. Voter registration service and assistance will be available. A voice interpreter will translate. This workshop is a free service for all.

For questions or more information, contact Lozynsky.Wendy@aidb.com or VP 205 623-0072.




See Election information
on our
Learn & Vote page.


PHOTO Voter ID is now required to vote in Alabama. Do you have qualifying ID? Find out more here.

The Secretary of State's mobile photo voter ID units are touring the state again to provide free photo voter ID for those who qualify. Here are the scheduled visits. Photo voter ID can also be obtained in the office of your county's Board of Registrars.

Mobile ID Locations
Upcoming. See the complete list here.


Happy Birthday to the 19th Amendment!
Ratified Aug. 18, 1920
The League of Women Voters has worked for many
decades for women's suffrage. See this nostalgic
19th Amendment slide show.

Women received the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment on August 18, 1920. It was first introduced in Congress in 1878. Alabama ratified the amendment on Sept. 8, 1953. The vote was not, in fact, assured for all until the National Voting Rights Act of 1965. (That act has been under attack and weakened in recent years. We hope you will join the LWV in restoring the #VRA!)

Flash back now with School House Rock's take on the 19th Amendment!


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Does your mother really want another scarf? This holiday season, show your love by honoring her on #GivingTuesday, Dec. 2nd with a gift to the League of Women Voters of Alabama. ANY woman would appreciate this thoughtfulness - a daughter, a niece, a neighbor who has shown you much kindness, a coworker or friend whom you deeply respect. Great gift idea for the special men in your life, too! With your help we will continue to strengthen our democracy by hosting candidate and issue forums, registering voters, observing government operations, and so much more. Please give to the LWVAL on #GivingTuesday or anytime! (Membership in the LWVAL is a very thoughtful gift for your loved one, too!)

Happy Holidays to you and yours
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[Election information remains posted for
your review and until archived.]

Thank you for voting, Alabama!

Election News & Results

Five Proposed Constitutional Amendments on all Alabama Ballots on November 4

In the general election on November 4, 2014, there will be five proposed amendments to the Alabama state constitution on every ballot in Alabama. The voter is asked, "Shall the following Amendment to the Constitution of Alabama be adopted?" followed by the "PROPOSED AMENDMENT WHICH APPLIES STATEWIDE."

The League of Women Voters presents an analysis of each of these five proposed amendments. For each amendment, this paper presents the background of the amendment, a list of supporters and their argument for the amendment, and a list of opponents and their arguments against the amendment. This analysis is a public service of the League of Women Voters of Alabama Education Fund. Every effort has been made to present factual and unbiased information regarding the amendments. We hope that you find this information helpful in deciding how you will vote on these amendment referendums on November 4.

Read the LWVAL analysis of the amendments.


PHOTO Voter ID is now required to vote in Alabama. Do you have qualifying ID? Find out more here.


TUESDAY, NOV. 4, 2014, 7 AM TO 7 PM

  • Aug. 26 - Municipal Elections: Auburn, Bessemer, Gadsden, Huntsville, Mountain Brook, Scottsboro
  • Oct. 20—Voter registration deadline for General Election.
  • Oct. 30— Last day for voter to make application for an absentee ballot.
  • Nov. 3—Last day to postmark or hand-deliver absentee ballots. Must be received by noon on election day (except UOCAVA - military and some other oversees voters)
  • Nov. 4—General Election
  • Nov. 11—Deadline for receiving absentee ballots from UOCAVA voters

Questions on Election Day?

See information below or call:



Tuesday, September 23, was National Voter Registration Day!
As stated in our press release on al.com, "The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham Challenges Citizens to Register to Vote On National Voter Registration Day 2014." (Well said, Ida Tyree-Hyche, Esq., LWVGB Vice-President.) LWVGB encourages you to register to vote! If you are already registered to vote, check your status and update your name or address if necessary.

"I want to vote in the upcoming election! How do I get registered?"

Don't let another election slip up on you. Here's how to register to vote in future elections...Download a registration form and mail to your County Board of Registrars OR register at one of these locations. The AL Secretary of State says you can "fill out and submit voter registration forms at all state and/or county offices that provide public assistance. In Alabama, public assistance offices, such as Medicaid, WIC, and DHR, must distribute voter registration forms, provide assistance in completing the forms if necessary, and accept such forms."

Have you moved since you last voted or have you changed your legal name? If so, you should notify your board of registrars by submitting a voter registration form with the NEW information.

Are you sure you're registered? Check
here to check your registration status and polling place or call your County Board of Registrars.


Don't forget that you will need a PHOTO Voter Identification when you vote beginning with the June 3, 2014 Alabama Primary Elections. Get more information about photo voter ID.

Top --

NARFE Chapter 1511 & LWVAL presented:

Voting & Advocacy — Making Your Voice Heard!
Free workshop. Public invited!
Thurs., 8 May 2014
6 - 8 PM
Oxford Civic Center
401 McCullars Lane
Oxford, AL 36203



This was a FREE workshop presented by
National Active and Retired Federal Employees Chapter 1511 and
League of Women Voters of Alabama

For more Information:


City Runoff Elections in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Mobile on Oct. 8

Elections for mayor, city council and board of education were held on August 27, 2013 for three major metropolitan areas in Alabama - Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Mobile. On October 8 2013, municipal runoff elections were held in those municipalities. Citizens went to the polls to vote in those races where there was no majority winner in the August 27 election. Are you registered? Do you know who the candidates are and what they stand for? Be sure to check with your local League of Women Voters for the latest election news.


  • September 23 - Voter registration deadline for Oct. 8 municipal runoff elections in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Mobile. Download a registration form and mail to your county Board of Registrars. According to AL Secretary of State, you can "fill out and submit voter registration forms at all state and/or county offices that provide public assistance. In Alabama, public assistance offices, such as Medicaid, WIC, and DHR, must distribute voter registration forms, provide assistance in completing the forms if necessary, and accept such forms." Have you moved since you last voted? If so, register with your new address. Are you sure you're registered? Check here or call your county Board of Registrars.
  • October 3 - Deadline to apply for absentee ballot
  • October 7 - Last day to mail an absentee ballot to City Clerk.
  • VOTE TODAY! October 8 - Vote in Municipal Runoff Elections! Polls open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.. You must have ID to vote by regular ballot, but photo ID is not required. See the list of acceptable Voter ID. If you do not have acceptable ID or are otherwise not allowed to vote using a regular ballot, ask to vote a provisional ballot.

Health Care in Alabama 2013:
Facts and Issues
An unbiased study of health care sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Alabama Education Fund

The first section of the study, entitled “Recurring Issues in Health Care," examines the major issues that face the health care system in the United States and Alabama and highlights the degree to which the problems are interrelated.

The second section of the study, “Challenges and Opportunities for the Nursing Profession,” focuses on issues related to the single largest group of health care professionals – nurses. Nurses are the focus not only because of their sheer numbers, but because they might be better utilized given the issues raised in the first section of the report. Part of the discussion examines findings of a major research effort reported in The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, which was published by The Institute of Medicine (ICM) in collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences. Emphasis is placed on two of the areas covered in that publication: the need for nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training and the need for that education and training to be expanded.

Download "Health Care in Alabama 2013: Facts and Issues."

Also available online...
"Health Care in Alabama 2010: Facts and Issues," an earlier unbiased health care study sponsored by the LWVAL Education Fund

Read more unbiased
Issue Papers.


Thank you for voting Alabama!

See Alabama election results.
Check the status of your provisional ballot.

The following remains posted for archival interest… (Update coming soon.)

Learn & Vote

Amendments on Statewide Ballots on Nov. 6

Download the statewide amendment referendums and the League's unbiased analysis. This document is the work of the LWVAL Education Fund and is an unbiased analysis of the amendments. For each amendment, it presents the text of the amendment referendum as it will appear on all ballots in Alabama, a basic summary/synopsis of the amendment, what will happen if the amendment passes, and what will happen if the amendment does not pass.

Know Your Voting Rights

Read about your voting rights under the Help America Vote Act of 2002 and how to file a formal complaint if necessary. This is essential information for all voters, especially for Americans with disabilities.

Help the LWVAL and the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP) assess polling place accessibility.
Please download this brief checklist and the instructions. Take the checklist with you to your polling place, and complete it while there. Look around the polling site to determine the extent to which various features of voter accessibility are being met and check the list as appropriate. That's it - except don't forget to vote! Just mail in the Polling Place Checklist as instructed. Thank you for your help!

Vote411.org, is your "go to" website for Election 2012. Information includes:
  • "Create your ballot" function
  • Read analysis of the proposed statewide amendments. Download this document. It includes…
    > Quotation of the proposed amendment as it will appear on the ballot
    > A brief explanation of what the amendment is about, in lay language.
    > A description of what would happen if the amendment is passed.
    > A description of what would happen if the amendment fails.
  • Candidate responses to critical questions
  • and more.

New Congressional Voting Districts

Has yours changed?

Thank you for voting in the Special Constitutional Amendment Election

The amendment was approved. This information remains posted for your information.
See LWVAL's unbiased summary and analysis of this very important constitutional amendment referendum.

How accessible is your polling place? Help LWVAL and ADAP assess this by taking a brief checklist to your polling place. Get the checklist & instructions.


Thank you for voting, Alabama!

Election information from the Alabama 2010 Election remains posted as historical information.

Election Results

See unofficial state-wide results from the office of the Alabama Secretary of State (AL SoS).

Provisional Ballots

Did you vote by provisional ballot? Did your vote count? Find out the status of your vote as posted by the AL SoS.

LWV, dedicated to nonpartisan Voter Service

Throughout the election season of 2010, the League of Women Voters Education Fund was dedicated to providing the help and nonpartisan information needed by citizens to register to vote, get informed about the elections and candidates, and make their vote count. The League of Women Voters of the US provided comprehensive election information customized for each state on Vote411.org. The League of Women Voters of Alabama and the Alabama local Leagues dedicated resources to serving voters and providing nonpartisan election information. Thank you, League members, for your many hours of service to the people of Alabama as you worked to present candidate forums, publish voter guides, register voters, assist Boards of Registrars, report voting results and educate the citizens of Alabama about the election process. This is living proof of how the League is "helping democracy work!"

(Revisit LWVAL Voter Services as presented on this website leading up to the Nov. 2 election.)