Alabama Appellate Courts
Voter Guide 2010

Nonpartisan information about the Alabama Courts of Appeal
and the candidates running in those elections in 2010

The Candidates

About the Alabama Appellate Courts

Learn about the jurisdiction, and cases heard by the Alabama Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, and Court of Criminal Appeals. Read...

About the LWVAL Education Fund

The League of Women Voters of Alabama (LWVAL) Education Fund , sponsor of this Voter Guide, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to encourage active and informed citizen participation in elections. We encourage Alabama citizens to register to vote by May 22, 2010 and vote in the June 1 Primary Election. Before going to the polls, become informed about all candidates and the offices they seek.

This Alabama Appellate Courts Voter Guide provides nonpartisan information about the Alabama Appellate Courts - the Supreme Court, the Court of Civil Appeals, and the Court of Criminal Appeals - and information about the candidates running for election to those courts in 2010 as supplied by the candidates.

Alabama appellate court candidates running in Primary Elections on June 1, 2010 were asked to provide biographical information, educational and professional qualifications, and answers to seven fundamental, nonpartisan questions for this Voter Guide. Answers were limited to 250 words per question. The candidates' answers are re-printed verbatim here up to that word limit. Candidates are listed in the order in which they will appear on the ballot. Read about the jurisdiction and responsibilities of these courts.

Links from this Voter Guide to candidate web sites are included for the convenience of the visitor. Such inclusion does not in any way signify the endorsement of the candidate or agreement with any content within those linked sites by the LWVAL Education Fund. In addition LWVAL Education Fund does not verify and cannot certify any information submitted by the candidates or quoted from other sources. Please read our complete disclaimer here.

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