Where to vote

Find the polling place for your address. Be sure to type in the address where you lived when you registered to vote. The resulting polling place is where you should go to vote even if you have since moved to a new address within the county.

Your polling place is not changed unless you notify your
county board of registrars in writing of your new address. For your vote to count, you must go to the polling place where you are currently registered to vote. There you can cast your ballot and also fill out a form that will update your address with the board of registrars.

If you have moved to another Alabama county since you registered to vote, you must re-register at least 10 days before the election in which you wish to vote. See
voter registration information.

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What to bring to the polls

You will always be required to present valid identification when you go to the polls to vote. A current valid Alabama driver's license is an acceptable form of voter id, but there are many others. You do not have to present photo id in Alabama in order to vote. Read the list of acceptable forms of voter identification.

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You cannot be denied the opportunity to vote.

In order to cast a conventional ballot at a polling place, your name must be found on the voter roll there, and you must present current, valid identification. However, if these are not satisfactory, you cannot be denied the right to vote. In such case, tell the poll worker that you want to cast a provisional ballot. Your case will be reviewed after the polls close. Your vote will count provided that you are found to be a valid, registered voter for that polling place. Please note that most provisional ballots are ultimately not counted, so try your best to cast a conventional ballot. If you have any doubt,s, double check with your county board of registrars to make sure that you are a registered voter and find out where you should go to vote. It is best to check on your registration status and polling place before election day. The phone lines can be very busy on election day and you may not be able to get through!

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About absentee voting

If you cannot go to your polling place to vote on election day, you can vote by mail or vote in person before election day in your county Circuit Clerk's office. This is called absentee voting. Absentee voting is only allowed under certain circumstances, however. It is the voting method used by military and overseas personnel, college students, the homebound, poll workers, and those with last minute business or health emergencies. Check out this absentee voting information from the AL Secretary of State to see if you are eligible and how to vote absentee.

Remember, you do have to apply for an absentee ballot, and your application must be received no later than five days before the election. Contact your county Circuit Clerk (who is the Absentee Election Manager of the county) if you have questions about absentee voting.

Apply for an Absentee Ballot.
Apply for an Emergency Absentee Ballot.

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Tip for college students

You can vote in person in the precinct of your college residence. Just register to vote there. BUT if you want to vote in your hometown, and you're not going to be there on election day, it's not a problem. Just vote absentee! Get an absentee ballot application.

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Assistance for armed services personnel & other overseas citizens

If you are overseas and need assistance with absentee voting and registration, read this information provided by the AL Secretary of State or contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). FVAP provides assistance to any U.S.citizen who:

* (1) is an active duty member of the Uniformed Services or eligible member of their family.
* (2) resides outside the United States.

Federal Voting Assistance Program
1155 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1155
URL http://www.fvap.gov
703/588-1584 FAX: 703/588-0108
1-800/438-8683 (Toll Free)

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