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***  Call to Action ***
Ask your Alabama legislators to
add sufficient new tax revenue

to support a strong General Fund Budget!

Please contact your legislators and ask for their support for $300 million dollars in new state revenue to support a General Fund Budge that will "
protect vital services we all rely on, especially our children, seniors and most vulnerable neighbors. A strong budget also will let the state move forward on sensible and widely popular reforms.” --Letter to the Alabama Legislature from Alabama Arise, the League of Women Voters of Alabama, and other supporting organizations.

You can find email and telephone contact information for your legislators here. Please write or make the call in your own name, not in the name of the League of Women Voters.

You might also contact the leadership of other nonpartisan organizations with which you are associated. Share this appeal with them and ask that they sign on. The deadline for organizations to sign onto the letter and lend their support to the campaign is Tuesday, September 1 at noon, so please act quickly.

Background and Justification

The Alabama Legislature did not pass an acceptable General Fund budget for the state in either the regular session or the first special session of 2015. A second special session is expected soon to get the job done. The budget must be passed before the beginning of the new fiscal year on October 1.

This appeal was initiated by Alabama Arise. That organization has asked other organizations in Alabama, including the League of Women Voters, to sign onto a letter asking the legislature to approve $300 million in new General Fund tax revenue. On the recommendation of our Advocacy Committee and with the approval of our Board of Directors, the League of Women Voters of Alabama has signed onto the letter and has given its full support to this appeal. Local Leagues have been encouraged to sign onto the letter, also. Without this new revenue it is feared that many services vital to the health and well-being of Alabama’s most vulnerable citizens will be cut entirely from the budget or severely reduced. The LWVAL advocates for taxes that are fair, equitable, and sufficient to support programs essential to these services.

As stated in the letter to the legislators, “A budget is more than a balance sheet. It’s a statement of our values. We can’t balance the budget on the backs of ‘the least of these.’ Lives and livelihoods are at stake. We need a budget that makes Alabama stronger, not weaker. Stop the cuts, approve $300 million in new General Fund tax revenue and stand tall for Alabama’s future.” Read the letter here.

Please contact your legislators as soon as possible to ask for this $300 million in additional tax revenue. The funding is vital to the welfare of so many vulnerable Alabamians. Thank you in advance for taking action!
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