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A Tier I Legislative Priority for the League of Women Voters of Alabama in 2009
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Legislation to watch in 2009

HB30  - Sponsored by Representative Newton 

SB18 - Sponsored by Senator Coleman

HJR91 - Sponsored by Representatives Newton (D), Salaam, Mitchell, Gipson, Hall, Irons, Faust, Dukes, Grantland, Dunn, Todd, Sherer, Coleman, Robinson (O), England, Fields, Black, Hilliard, Hinshaw, Harper, Warren, Hill, Fite, Guin, Robinson (J) and McLaughlin
SJR20 - Sponsored by Senators Little (T), Denton, Marsh, Singleton, Figures, Coleman, Mitchell, Bedford, Means, French, Mitchem, Smitherman, Ross, Little (Z), and Sanders

LWVAL is also monitoring HB77. See Monitored Legislation to read about this bill that address Constitutional Reform & Constitutional Convention.

About the Legislation

About HB30

This bill would call for a special statewide election to submit the question of whether to call a constitutional convention to the qualified electors of the state. If the majority voting on the question vote in favor of holding a constitutional convention, it would provide for the election of delegates to the convention, for the holding of the convention, and for a special election to submit the proposed constitution, once prepared by the convention, to the voters for ratification. 

This is the bill the League supported in the 2008 Legislative Session and that ACCR supports.

About SB18

Amendment 555 to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, now appearing as Section 284.01 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, provides that a constitutional amendment which affects or applies to only one county or a political subdivision of a county shall be adopted by a favorable vote of the qualified electors of the county or political subdivision who vote on the amendment. If there is a dissenting vote in the Legislature regarding the proposed amendment, the amendment is subject to a statewide vote.

This proposed amendment would provide that any proposed amendment would be subject to a statewide vote if there are 15 or more dissenting votes in the House of Representatives and five or more dissenting votes in the Senate.

About HJR91 and SJR20 (same resolution)

The resolution would "Let the People Vote" on calling a Constitution Convention to rewrite the 1901 Alabama Constitution. The resolution has similar provisions to those provided in a bill supported by the LWVAL in 2008.

LWVAL's Position

LWVAL supports HB30

The League position on Constitutional Reform calls for a constitutional convention to rewrite the 1901 Constitution.

LWVAL supports SB18

The League position on constitutional reform does not address this issue directly but calls for a constitution that does not contain statutory law.  The bulk of amendments are in fact statutory laws with a large percentage of these local laws.  The statewide vote on local amendments whenever a member objects means the voters who decide the outcome are not those impacted by the legislation.  These points support the spirit of the League positions, if not the actual wording.

LWVAL supports HJR91 and SJR20

The League position on constitutional reform calls for a constitutional convention to rewrite the 1901 Constitution. This resolution could possibly make such a convention possible if supported by a vote of the people.

Progress of Legislation

HB30 was prefiled 2/3/09 and assigned to the House Committee on Constitution & Elections (House C&E).

SB18 read for the first time 2/3/09 and referred to the Senate committee on Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Elections (Senate CCFEE).

HJR91 introduced on 2/10/09 and sent to the House Rules Committee.

SJR20 introduced on 2/10/09 and sent to the Senate Rules Committee.

LWVAL Action

LWVAL has expressed support for HB30.

LWVAL has expressed support for SB18.

LWVAL has expressed support for HJR91 and SJR20.




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