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LWVAL Action Priority Level III - Issues identified by LWVAL Advocacy Committee and/or State Board or Local Leagues. Monitoring occurs; action dependent on opportunity and available resources.

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HB136 - Municipality, council-manager form of gov., council-manager act of 1982, composition of council, alternate forms, Sec. 11-43A-8 am'd.

Sponsor(s): Representative Faulkner,

Synopsis: This would allow municipalities with the council-manager form of government to change the numbers and constituencies of each council position. In municipalities with this form of government, there are currently 5 councilpersons elected: one is the mayor and elected city-wide; another councilperson is also elected city-wide, and the 3 remaining councilpersons are elected from districts. This would allow city councils to modify their composition to include an at-large mayor and either 4 or 6 councilpersons elected either city-wide or from districts.

League Action and Justification: Monitor - Although the league does not have a position on what kind of municipal government is optimal, we do advocate for fair representation, and this bill could create more effective representation of citizens in these municipal governments.

Bill Progress in Legislature:

First Read and referred to the House Committee on County and Municipal Government (C&MG)

02/16/2017: 2nd Read and placed on the calendar; pending 3rd Read and favorable from C&MG

03/15/2017: 3rd Reading Passed; Motion to Read a 3rd Time and Pass adopted by Roll Call

Senate Action:

03/16/2017: Read for the first time and referred to the Senate committee on Governmental Affairs (GA)

04/04/2017: 2nd Read and placed on the calendar; pending 3rd Read and Favorable from GA


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