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green-right-arrow.jpgSB158 - Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy, membership and duties revised, fund created for deposit of funds, creation fo office deleted, Secs. 29-2-270 to 29-2-275, inclusive, am'd.

Sponsor(s): Senator Ward

Synopsis: Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy, membership and duties revised, fund created for deposit of funds, creation of office deleted, removing responsibility for creating the Alabama Energy Plan. 

Under existing law, the Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy was created to develop the Alabama Energy Plan and to make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature to address the Alabama’s long-term and short-term energy challenges. This bill would: revise the membership of the committee; delete the requirement that the committee develop the Alabama Energy Plan; limit reporting by the committee; delete authorization for the committee to create and staff a Legislative Energy Policy Office; and authorize the committee to form advisory subcommittees as needed.

League Action and Justification: Monitor. Since it is likely this bill will pass, we raise the raise the question: Isn’t better for those affected by private energy plans and policies to participate in the important decisions that affect them? Should a future governor ever ask for a state energy plan, as Governor Bentley did for a state water management plan, this is the committee that would be involved. 

Bill Progress in Legislature:

Read for the first time and referred to the Senate committee on Transportation and Energy (T&E)

02/23/2017: 2nd Read and placed on the calendar 1 amendment (182673-3); pending 3rd Read and Favorable from T&E with 1 amendment; T&E 1st Amendment Offered. [Note: The Amendment’s key change to the bill requires developed goals and objectives be in line with providing reliable and affordable energy to Alabama residents.]

03/16/2017: 3rd Read Passed; T&E Amendment (182673-3) Offered; Ward motion to Adopt adopted by Roll Call; Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass adopted by Roll Call; Engrossed

House Action:

Read for the first time and referred to the House committee on Transportation, Utilities and Infrastructure (TU&I)

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