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HB583 - Political activity, Legislature, minority and majority parties caucus, public funds authorized for paying staff members of political caucus, Sec. 17-17-5 am'd.

Sponsor(s): Representatives Ford and Hammon

Summary/Synopsis: This bill amends the law prohibiting state funding for engaging in political activities. It would specify that public funds may be used to pay staff members of a political caucus of the Legislature or either house thereof to perform specified activities related to the legislative process.

League Action and Justification: LWVAL is monitoring HB583.
The League has no position on the issue: The bill would appear to strengthen caucuses, by freeing up party money to pay their staffs.

Bill Progress in Legislature:
04/09/2013: First Reading and referred to the
04/23/2013: Read for the 2nd Time and placed on the calendar with 1 Substitute (152179-2); pending 3rd reading and Favorable from IA.

04/25/2013: 3rd Reading passed; Internal Affairs 1st Substitute (152179-2) Offered; Motion to Adopt adopted (100-0-0); Motion to Read a 3rd Time and Pass adopted (94-0-0); Engrossed.

05/07/2013: Read for the first time and referred to the
05/09/2013: Read for the second time and placed on the calendar. Pending third reading on day 30 Favorable from Governmental Affairs

Note: The amendment clarification is as follows: "(2) With respect to a person employed as a staff member for a political caucus of the Legislature who is paid from state funds, the term political activities does not include work performed for the caucus related to the legislative process, including, but not limited to, formulating and preparing policy for the caucus, preparing an analysis of issues to be considered or under consideration by the Legislature, or formulating a recommendation to the caucus on issues before, or likely to come before, the caucus. As used in this subdivision, "political caucus" means a caucus of either house of the Legislature that represents the political party that is in the majority in the respective house or a political party that is in the minority in either house.”

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