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SB58 - Alabama Law Institute, funding, authorized to receive funds from governmental and other sources, appropriation for use for Law Institute purposes, Sec. 29-8-6 added

Sponsor(s); Senator Orr and Senator Ward

Summary/Synopsis: The Alabama Law Institute may establish a special fund in the State Treasury to receive grants from municipal, state, national government, charitable donations, and any other sources to conduct studies, educate lawmakers, and carry out the duties of the Law Institute. These funds are maintained separately for its exclusive use and may be continuously appropriated. This special fund is in addition to any other funds that may be appropriated. A new section, 29-8-6, is added to the section on the Law Institute in the code.
League Action and Justification: LWVAL is monitoring SB58.

Bill Progress in Legislature:
2/7/2012: First reading and referred to the
02/08/2012: 2nd reading and placed on the calendar pending 3rd reading on day 3 from Judiciary.

2/14/2012: 3rd reading passed; Taylor amendment (137035-1) offered; motion to adopt adopted; motion to read a 3rd time and pass adopted (33-0-0); Engrossed;

2/14/2012: First reading in House and referred to the
03/1/2012: 2nd reading and placed on calendar; pending 3rd reading and favorable from State Govt.
4/17/2012: Senate—Enrolled; House – 3rd Reading passed; Motion to Read a 3rd Time and Pass adopted (82-0-4). Assigned Act No. 2012-219.
4/17/2012: Signature Requested; Forwarded to Executive Department.

Note: The amendment requires a public report of all grants received, and the report must be placed on the Law Institute website.

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