Other Issues - School District Consolidation

LWVAL Action Priority Level III - If and when opportunities arise, assess if action is feasible given resources and priorities.

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LWVAL is monitoring this bill.

HB94 - School District Consolidation, Permanent Committee on, established, members, duties, annual report to Legislature

Sponsor(s): Rep. McClammy

Summary/Synopsis: Under existing law, local boards of education are authorized to consolidate county schools within and between county school systems and city schools into a county school system. This bill would create the Alabama Permanent Committee on School District Consolidation to study and develop a comprehensive plan for the consolidation of public K-12 schools throughout the state.

LWVAL Action and Justification: LWVAL is monitoring HB94. The League has no position on the consolidation of schools.

Bill Progress in Legislature: 3/1/2010: 1st Reading and referred to 3/24/2011: 2nd read and placed on calendar; pending 3rd read and favorable from EP.
6/1/2011: Indefinitely postponed.