Natural Resources

LWVAL Action Priority Level II - Monitoring occurs; action dependent on opportunity and available resources.

      Natural Resources - Other, including preservation



Please voice support for SB 369 now in the State House to reauthorize the Forever Wild Land Trust for the next 20 years! Read the Action Alert and please act immediately!
UPDATE: SB369 ACTION ALERT CANCELED! HB369 has passed both houses.


ACTION ALERTS 2/22/11 and 4/12/11

An Action Alert for HB126 / SB140 to continue funding for Forever Wild was issued by the LWVAL on 2/22/11. A Public Hearing on the House bill is scheduled for 3/9/11. The LWVAL supports this legislation. Please take immediate action to voice support.
See the Action Alert for more information.

UPDATE 3/26/11: Public hearing on SB140 by Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Thurs., 3/31/11, Room 807 (Joint Briefing Room). Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee contact information is available here.

UPDATE 4/12/11: Another Action Alert for HB126 issued 4/12/11. AL House vote on Forever Wild reauthorization funding scheduled Thurs, 4/14/11. Please voice your support ASAP! Read the Action Alert!

UPDATE 4/17/11: HB126 has been amended four times, passed the House and is now in Senate.

See HB369 which has passed both houses.

      Maintaining water purity and air quality; reservoir addition for state
      Coastal zone protection
      Energy policy