2011 LWVAL Legislative Report

The 2011 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature adjourned June 9, 2011, SINE DIE.
Final update of this LWVAL Legislative Report has been posted following the adjournment of the 2011 legislative session. All action alerts are, of course, cancelled.
Tip: To quickly find new bill activity, click on a priority issue below and look for this icon green-right-arrow.tiny by a bill. Updated information added since the previous week's report is indicated in green font. This is information such as new progress for a bill in the legislature and/or League action. Or the bill might be newly added to the Report.

Priority Level I

      Campaign Finance and Elections including
         Support for PAC to PAC transfer ban
         Campaign spending limits
         Timely reporting of expenditures and donations; easy access to such information

      Voting Access and Practices

      Ethics in Government – including required and timely lobbying expenditure reports; greater Ethics Commission authority; clarity in Ethics Law language

      Government Transparency and Accountability

Priority Level II

      Tax Reform, including ending sales tax on groceries

      Constitutional Reform and Constitutional Convention
      Judicial Qualifications and Selection, including merit selection

      Natural Resources including
            Other - including preservation
            Maintaining water purity and air quality; reservoir addition for state
            Coastal Zone Protection
            Energy policy

      Public Transportation Treat as a natural resource issue as well as a transportation issue related to the tax structure

Priority Level III

      Other ethics issues

      Other issues identified by LWVAL Advocacy Committee and/or Board or Local Leagues.