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Winter 2010 Edition
Published February 17, 2010

Energy Efficiency Workgroups Invite Your Participation

by Joyce Lanning, LWVAL Environmental Chair

On October 13 and 14, 2009, the Interfaith Environmental Initiative of Alabama hosted Energy Forum 2009: Challenges and Possibilities for Alabama to explore sustainable options to meet our growing energy needs. Participants included members of faith, science, education, the arts, environmental, business, government, energy providers, and consumer sectors…all coming together to learn and to encourage informed choices for the care of creation. Results from that forum can be found on their website. Groups formed at the forum are now meeting and you are welcome to join. For more information email .

Benchmarking is focusing on how businesses can establish a baseline, create goals and tangible objectives, and share best practices for achieving energy efficiency in the workplace. Energy / Water Efficiency at Home and in Faith Communities works to find actionable ways to encourage implementation of existing resources for energy / water conservation and efficiency ideas in faith communities, which can also be applied at home.  Students / New Generation Energy will determine those projects already occurring in colleges and high schools and what can be done to expand energy / water conservation and efficiency.  The group may include students from area high schools, colleges and universities as well as superintendents and teachers.   Water / Energy Efficiency – industrial / business collaborations is identifying major water users in the region and developing productive strategies for water savings and efficiencies that make the connection between water conservation / efficiency / reuse, and energy efficiency and savings.

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