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Winter 2010 Edition
Published February 17, 2010

Constitutional Convention Bill and Resolutions Introduced

by Nancy Ekberg, LWVAL Constitutional Reform Chair

ACCR has three pieces of legislation pending:  Senator Smitherman has introduced SB177 that passed through the Constitution, Campaign, Finance, Ethics & Elections Committee, 6 to 1.  It will now go to the Rules Committee.  Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton introduced HJR 54 (House Joint Resolution 54) in the House and it will go to the Rules Committee.  Senator Ted Little introduced Senate Joint Resolution 42 in the Senate.  It will go to the Rules Committee.

All instruments call for the people to vote on holding a constitutional convention to rewrite the 1901 Constitution.  The Bill will require a super majority to pass while the Resolutions will require a simple majority to pass.  The Rules Committee in the Senate is headed by Lowell Barron of Fyffe.  The Rules Committee in the House is headed by Ken Guin of Carbon Hill.
Find your legislator at <> Please contact your legislators and ask them to vote for HJR54 and SJR42.

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