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Summer 2010 Edition
Published July 19, 2010



Alabama delegation at a plenary session
Debra Butler, holding sign.  Seated: L-R, Leonette Slay, Charlotte Ward, Kathy Byrd. Standing,
L-R, Martha Collier, Scarlett Gaddy, Mary Lynn Bates, Paulette Fedor. Not pictured, Sarah McDonald

At the banquet

Kathy Byrd, Mary Lynn Bates, Charlotte Ward, Myra Evans,Martha Collier, Laura Hill, Paulette Fedor, Mary McGinnis, Scarlett Gaddy, Jeanine Normand. Not pictured, Debra Butler and Sarah McDonald.

Some Good Quotes from Convention

contributed by Mary Lynn Bates, First Vice-President

“Women won the vote, they weren’t “given” it.
-- Robert Cooney, Jr.

“Women’s suffrage is an excellent example of how you can change the whole country without killing people."
-- Robert Cooney, Jr.

The League should “continue to get in trouble, continue to get in the way [in the cause of justice]."
-- John Lewis

"There are three classes of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no idea what is happening. Save a friend from the majority. Bring her to a League of Women Voters Meeting."
-- Ruth S. Shur

“…these women know what they are talking about.”
-- Former NATO General re LWV delegation to NATO

”When everyone’s lost interest because it’s not fun anymore, we’re there.”
-- Former LWV President

"A good election process is one when “no eligible voter is disenfranchised because of the process.”
-- Commissioner Gracia Hillman, U.S. Election Assistance Commission

“The League of Women Voters will not be a party to the hoodwinking of the American people.”
-- Former LWV President re Presidential Candidate Debate procedures.

"State legislators voting on the 19th Amendment thought if it passed, the 'world as they knew it would end.' Thank God it did.”
-- Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Sec. of Health and Human Services

“Harry, I have always counted on you to do the right thing.”
-- Kathleen Sebelius quoting TN legislator Harry Burn’s mother’s message just before Harry changed his position and cast the deciding vote ratifying the 19th Amendment.

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