Alabama Appellate Courts

The LWVAL Education Fund will publish a nonpartisan guide to information about the Alabama Courts of Appeal and the candidates running in those elections in 2010. Coming soon!

Follow the money

Under the Fair Campaign Practices Act, contributions to candidate campaigns and Political Action Committees (PACs) and disbursements from those entities must be reported to the Secretary of State. Search by candidate or PAC. Read these finance reports.

Read, watch, listen

The news media is usually a good source for unbiased coverage of candidate activities and positions. Note that media editorial boards often endorse candidates. However, the news coverage should be nonpartisan. Pay attention to what the candidates do and how they have voted if currently in office. Watch political ads with a critical eye, especially negative ads against an opponent.

Election tools & tips

These guides from the League of Women Voters Education Fund show how to critically judge a candidate and watch a debate. Read.

Find more election information for AL (& all other states) at this resource of the League of Women Voters Education Fund.

More information and resources about Alabama candidates will be published at this site before the Party Primary Elections on Tuesday, June 1, 2010.