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When you see a call to action at this site regarding a proposed bill, please contact your legislators as soon as possible, and let them know how you feel BEFORE the vote is taken. Check this site often and respond quickly! You are the voter and your voice can make a positive difference for Montgomery County!

Read LWV of Alabama positions on issues
Read LWV of Montgomery positions on issues
How we choose the bills we support.
Why we need your help.
What you can do to help.
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What's high on our priority list:

Constitutional Reform - The Alabama Constitution is cumbersome, regressive, racist, and outdated! We need reform now! (See LWVAL position on AL Constitutional Reform, and learn more from the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform.)

Public Transportation - Good public transportation is vital to our social and economic health. Need to allow a % of gas taxes to be used for public transportation. (See LWVAL position on Public Transportation.)
Election Reform - We look for opportunity to ban PAC-to-PAC transfers in Alabama. These obscure sources of influence. (See LWVAL position on Campaign Finance Reform; also, see LWVUS positions on Campaign Finance Reform and the Election Process.)
Tax Reform - Our state tax stucture should be more equitable and less regressive. Look to remove sales tax from food. (See LWVAL position on Finance and Taxation.)

Environmental Issues - Most likely opportunities will be at the national level. (See LWVUS position on Environmental Issues; also, LWVAL position on Coastal Zone Management.)

Pro/Anti-Choice Bills - There will almost certainly be bills presented in the 2001 AL legislative session which will attempt to limit a woman's right to choose. We will address this issue at the state and national levels as necessary. (See LWVUS position on Reproductive Choice.)

Sound off in

Sound off in

Find your state representatives:
  • AL House of Representatives

  • AL Senate

    Alabama Legislative Information Service - Proposed bills, enrolled acts, AL Code (law), the AL Constitution's all here!

    Alabama Legislature Home Page

    Alabama Secretary of State - voter registration & elections. Also, corporations, land, trademarks, & more!
  • LWV of the United States keeps us alerted to national issues. Find out what you can do!
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    Questions for League?

    Contact a member of the LWVAL Action Committee:

    Margaret Latimer - LWVAL Legislative Liaison

    Ruth L. Wright - LWVAL Action Co-Chair

    Charlotte Ward - LWVAL President

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    How we choose the bills we support
    The LWVAL's Action Committee looks for opportunities to realize the League's legislative goals. When a bill is introduced which supports LWVAL Program, we will solicit your help to get that bill passed into law. Likewise, if a bill is counter to our positions, we will invite you to contact your representative and voice opposition. Also, we try to put our "political capital" behind the bills which have the best chance for passage.
    Because we do not have home rule under the Alabama Constitution, legislation which applies specifically to Montgomery Co. may be introduced before the state legislature. In such cases we evaluate the bill according to the local positions of the LWV of Montgomery to determine whether to endorse, oppose, or do nothing at all if we do not have a position on the given issue. Read the positions of the LWV of Alabama. and the positions of the LWV of Montgomery.
    The League of Women Voters conducts studies of many complex public issues in order to decide their positions. The studies are unbiased and extensive, and the information is made available to the public. After careful consideration, League positions are determined by the consensus opinion of our members after considering the facts of these studies. If you agree with our position on a particular issue, please support us by contacting your legislator and letting him or her know your opinion!

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    Why is it so important that you help?
    Does it really make a difference whether you call or write your state legislator or Congressman? You bet it does! "Constituents are the most important people in an elected official's life," according to national League advocates. Grassroots run deep. Your representative knows that for every constitutent who calls or writes, there are many more who have the same opinion but don't contact their office. A simple phone call, email, or letter can be very influential.
    What can you do to help?

      Here's what members of the League of Women Voters (and all citizen's!) can do to help:

      • Mention our issues in any contacts with your legislators beginning NOW and through the 2001 AL legislative session. The session begins on February 6, but our legislators are setting their own priorities now. (Find contact information for your state legislators.)
      • Note and clip from your local paper any editorials or news items relevant to these issues Send clippings and local information to Action Co-chair, Ruth L. Wright, 125 Cary Drive, Montgomery 36830.
      • Respond promptly to Action Alerts from Margaret Latimer, LWVAL Legislative Liaison, to address your local legislators and others named. LWVAL members will receive background information and possible talking points before the session at this site and through the LWVALinfo listserve. (There's another good reason to join the LWVAL! Only members can join the LWVAL listserv to get time sensitive alerts via e-mail.)
      • Join the email listserve, LWVALinfo, to receive the most timely information. Send an email to Leave Subject blank. In body of message, put only the following: subscribe LWVALinfo yourfirstname yourlastname. For assistance, contact Jean Johnson,
      • Keep informed by visiting this LWVAL Action Alerts page often during the 2001 legislative session. Effective lobbying depends on your informed and timely action.

    Remember, when you see an LWVAL Action Alert, PLEASE DON'T DELAY! Contact your legislators immediately!


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