League of Women Voters of Alabama
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"Yes, I want to join the League of Women Voters of Alabama as a Member-at-Large."
To join the League of Women Voters of Alabama as a Member-at-Large, print and fill out
this form.Mail with your check payable to "LWVAL" to:
League of Women Voters of Alabama
c/o Virginia Bennett
1028 East University
Auburn, AL 36830

Please check one:

    _____ Individual Membership ($36.00)
    _____ Family Membership ($54.00) - two living in the same household
    _____ Student Membership ($18.00) - for those enrolled as a full-time student
    at a college or university. Name of college/university:

Are you a U.S. citizen? _____ Yes _____ No (A non-U.S. citizens joins as an Associate
with full benefits and priviledges except that she/he may not vote in the organization.)

Name: ______________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City, St, Zip ______________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________
E-Mail: ______________________________________________
What Public Issues interest you most (check all that apply)?:
____ AL Constitution Reform ____ Voter Service / Citizen Education
____ AL Tax Reform ____ Environment
____ Accountability ____ Campaign Finance / Election Reform
____ Education ____ Health and Welfare
____ Civil Rights ____ Courts & Justice System
____ Reproductive Choice ____ Foreign Relations