Facts and Issues
for Citizens of Alabama
The Alabama Legislature:  
Facts and Issues

This 57 page report is based on a 3 year study conducted by the League of Women Voters of Alabama. It is written to meet LWV Education Fund standards for accuracy, objectivity, balance, and a fair representation of all major points of view. Published by LWVAL Education Fund, May, 2006. Hardcopies are available for $7 per copy. Mail check made out to LWVAL-EF to Ruth L. Wright, 125  Cary Drive, Auburn, Alabama 36830. Read it online here.

Environmental Management in
Alabama: Air, Land and Water
In 1999, the League of Women Voters of Alabama completed a comprehensive study of the new and evolving field of environmental management in Alabama. Management of land and water resources were considered as well as management of air quality. As a result of the study, the LWVAL published their findings in "Facts and Issues: Environmental Management in Alabama." The publication also includes directory listings for regulatory agencies, environmental web sources, and environmental emergency response phone numbers. Read it now!
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