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Mary Windom
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place No. 2
General Election
November 4, 2008

Biographical Information
Place of Residence: Alexander City, Alabama
Family: Husband--former Lt Gov. Steve Windom, Steve's sons, Robert and Thomas, 3 dogs and 3 cats
Education: BS University of South Alabama 1982, JD, Jones School of Law 1999
Occupation: Lawyer--Deputy Attorney General
Employer: Alabama ELectrical Contractors Board
Bar Admission(s) &
Date(s) of Admission:
Alabama State Bar 2000
Legal & Judicial
Private Practice 2000-2003
Assistant United States Attorney--Southern District of Alabama(Mobile)2003-2004
Deputy Attorney General 2004-present
Other Experience: Executive Director of Bay Minette Chamber of Commerce
Economic Developer at Mobile Chamber of Commerce
Honors & Awards: Graduate of Jones Law School magna cum laude
Jones Law Review
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Campaign Contact Information
Address 1: p.o. box 1949
Address 2:
City: Montgomery
State: AL
Zip Code: 36102
Voice Phone Number: 334-261-3307
Fax Phone Number: 866-362-1942
Website: marywindom.com
Email Address:
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Questions & Answers:
1.  How have your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals?

Having the opportunity to serve the people as a Judge has been a lifelong dream.  As a former sole practitioner, former Assistant United States Attorney and now a Deputy Attorney General, I have a unique perspective and have the skills to do the job.  I also have the temperment to serve on the bench.

2.  What do you consider to be the three most important attributes of a judge?

Strength to make the tough decisions
Conservative philosophy to interpret the law not legislate from the bench
Fairness to victims as well as defendants

3.  What is your judicial philosophy?

Conservative philosophy--to interpret the law not legislate from the bench.

4.  How do you define “judicial independence,” and how important is it to our judicial system?

Judicial independence to me is that decisions of judges should be impartial and not subject to outside influence--political or otherwise.  It is very important that judges have the ability to do what the law requires.  Judicial independence does not mean the ability to legislate from the bench.

5.  What is the greatest area of need in the Alabama criminal justice system, and how should the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals respond, if at all?

The greatest need of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals is to eliminate many of the frivilous "jailhouse" appeals that make up approximately 40% of the caseload.  The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has one of the largest caseloads of any similar court in the nation.

6.  What part, if any, should public opinion play in the decision of a judge?

The law, not public opinion should prevail.

7.  In a case before the court, how should a judge handle a conflict between his/her personal beliefs and the law?

The law, not personal beliefs should prevail in any judges decisions.

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The League of Women Voters of Alabama Education Fund does not endorse any political candidate or party. The information presented here is intended solely for the education of Alabama voters. Responses are printed verbatim as submitted by the candidates up to the 250-word limit.

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