Published by the League of Women Voters of Baldwin County

P.O. Box 937  Fairhope, AL 36533               February 14, 2006

LWVBC Board of Directors 2005 – 2006


President:   Jeanne Lacey        (251) 626-413 Treasurer:    Libby Byars                  990-6047
1st VP         Pat Laraway Director I:    Margaret Solberger
2nd VP        Jeannine Stutsman Director II:  Jeanine Normand
Secretary:  Virginia Nelson App. Dir:     Patricia Riddick

KEEPING ON KEEPING ON:  I was moved to tears as I stood in the rotunda of the Capitol reading the memorial to Governor Lurleen Burns Wallace, remembering the troubled years Alabama has seen just in my lifetime.  She would be 79 if she had lived, a strong woman of courage and spirit.  Her message from the inaugural address in 1967 reads:  “- To Alabamians everywhere – be proud to be called an Alabamian, for you have nurtured the flame of liberty when it needed your courage...”
Lenora Pate, co-chair, speaking for the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, called for the nurture of that flame as she presented your petitions to the Legislature asking for the right to vote for a Citizens’ Constitutional Convention to write a new constitution for our state.  The House will vote on their bill Wednesday, the 15th.  How will your representatives vote?
Testimonials on Senate Bill 52 will be heard this date.  I have sent a brief testimony to the Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics and Elections Committee, stating
“Baldwin County cannot quickly address issues of local concern to its citizens.  We need to ask the help of the Legislature to resolve problems.  Our local officials are hampered by lack of authority to deal with local issues.  What we refer to as local applies throughout all the counties as they cope with their particular problems.  
We need a new constitution responsive to the needs of all of our citizens.  We need the immediate, local ability to make decisions on the use of our resources and the care and well- being of our residents.
We need you to provide the opportunity for Alabama citizens to produce the framework for a constitution based on representative democracy, written by and for all of our citizens.  This enabling legislation is the first step in that direction.”
*Keep the contact information on the last page.  Use it to contact your legislators in your own words.   The House Bill 109 is up for vote by your Representatives on Valentine’s Day!  Call in a message early this morning!  They need to know how you think or they will have to guess.
February 14, 1920 is the birthday of the League of Women Voters.  We are 86 years old today!  Men have been members since 1973, so they are younger!  “The League is where leaders volunteer to make democracy work,”  (Kay Maxwell, President, LWVUS)
IMPORTANT INFO:  Those of you who were cut off by LWVUS automatically on January 31st because of forgotten dues -  Libby Byars can immediately reinstate you so you will not miss any of the publications.  Mail your check to her at 134 Paddock Drive, Fairhope, AL  36532.  I wrote each of you personally to let you know this happened.   Jeanne

 The Baldwin Voter, 2-14-06, p. 2.
BEST LAID PLANS:  Please be patient with me and our Board.  ALL my scheduling has gone awry – Mardi Gras Madness.  The Forum planned for the upper eastern shore is awaiting our two star speakers to set a date when both can be present.  Since the Legislature is in session, Senator Byrne and Congressman Jack Edwards have a place to be for every date so far that I have suggested.  I have asked them to set two dates and I will set up the meeting for one or the other!  SOON, I hope.  We need their voices to speak clearly and often on what a new constitution will mean for our State.
ENVIRONMENT:  Barbara Caddell, (Mobile League and Natural Resources/CZM Chair, LWVAL), Margaret Solberger and I met with Casi Callaway to begin the LWVAL sanctioned update of our Natural Resources and Coastal Zone Management positions, post hurricanes!  There will be a presentation at Council on May 6th at Auburn as a result of the work we are doing.  Caddell and I presented the outline and  the statement of shared concerns at LWVAL Board on 1/21/06.  Cathy Barnette, Alabama Coastal Foundation – CEO is on board.  We must move on this right away, we can’t act without the updates!  We are building a statewide think tank of experts to join our local coalition.  The new post-hurricanes data is coming in.  Next step is getting each area of concern prioritized, set the goals, and prepare for action.  WHO WILL WORK WITH US ON THIS?
OPEN MEETING – Environmental Impact/Sustainability Issues – COMING
Last week in March – location and time forthcoming.  (Officials, anyone concerned.)
ACCR:  Local Leagues have been asked to send me plans for their ongoing grassroots efforts.
Efforts to take the educational program throughout the State are underway.  We are preparing new materials for the Volunteers.  Sign on this week.  We have a mind-set to change.  Only your confidence will allay the residents’ fears and myths arising from years of being told that all is well in the present state of our State.
You would have been so proud of our Baldwin Volunteers.  We were joined on the Bus by citizens from Baldwin and Mobile.  They fit right into our group, along with eight students that YOU paid for their seats to represent you on this trip.  Bright, eager, well-mannered and aware of their mission, they represented you donors with flying colors.  I have pictures to show you at the Annual Meeting.
PUBLIC TRANSIT COALITION, INC.  President Stan Virden was with us to Montgomery.  Remember the big Transit Summit last April?  LWVAL supports a system of public transportation throughout the State.  We will be supporting Stan’s efforts locally.  Read all about it: .  Membership $12 right now for individuals – send check to Baldwin County Public Transit Coalition  P.O. Box 1338  Robertsdale, AL 36567.  We need to help support Senator Roger Smitherman’s SB182 and Rep. Laura Hill’s HB353 to allow public transit to receive some of the gasoline tax money that is collected in the state.
March 23, 2006 Thursday – 7:30 A.M. to Noon:  Public Transit Workshop at  Baldwin County Central Annex, 22251 Palmer Street, Robertsdale, AL.  Off Hwy 59 at Hwy 104 West 2 blocks, turn right onto Palmer.  Annex is on left.            $10 in advance (limit 150 people) to
Linda Grant, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce  P.O. Box 2187  Mobile, AL 36652-2187 or  
251-431-8621 or – check or credit card to Mobile Chamber of Commerce for Transit Workshop.     

The Baldwin Voter, 2-14-06, p. 3
Pre-register - MEMBERS ONLY – Call Libby 990-6047 or Phyllis 990-9508
February 22, 2006.  Part III. STUDY OF LEGISLATURE:  Members Only.     
Daphne Library Community Room, Wednesday, 10:00 A.M.
 Phyllis Springen and Libby Byars will take us into the unique experience of completing a Study of the Alabama Legislature.  Part III. With a brief summary of the previous studies, based on the background of knowledge, we answer the consensus questions indicating our extent of agreement on all the areas studied by the group.  Our State League Advocacy Team is active at all times, studying issues, and addressing those that lie within the parameters of our consensus on a given subject.  Last year – they testified on Open Meeting Laws; the year before and continuing – Dune set-back lines on the beaches at the Gulf and ADEM enforcement problems.
March 22, 2006.  Part IV.  STUDY OF LEGISLATURE.  Members Only.  (Final.)
Daphne Library Community Room, Wednesday, 10:00 A.M.
Libby and Phyllis will lead the group through the process of trying to reach consensus on each of the questions.  All points will be deliberated, extent of agreement or disagreement determined, and a final summary report completed to send to the great team at LWVAL immediately.   Celebration is in order!
We owe a special debt of gratitude to our Springen-Byars team for the countless hours of preparation necessary to guide us through this process.  It is unique to the League, we are famous for it, and it is the basis for National and State Leagues to consider advocacy on the positions as we approve them as a result of this process.  (Those of you who take this study seriously will be in an excellent position to help update our local Natural Resources and Coastal Zone Management positions, and give depth and integrity to our State positions.)
The LWVAL Study Team will pore over and analyze the results of the local Leagues’ findings.  The completed report will become a gift to the public and the Legislature called Facts and Issues.  We will have copies of the final results and it will appear in our State Program as a series of working statements drawn as conclusions from all of the input.
A special  page 5 has been included for members only, for your edification on many of the concerns in today’s world.  There is information of interest to everyone – you must explore – LWVAL and LWVUS and more connections. This issue of The Baldwin Voter is from me to you, my chance to talk to you about League.  It is a rare privilege.  The next issue will be all about preparations for Annual Meeting, April 22nd and hopefully the two other meeting dates.
April 22, 2006.  ANNUAL MEETING AND LUNCHEON, Saturday, at Westminster Village, Spanish Fort, AL.  Business Meeting 11 A.M. sharp.  Luncheon 12 Noon sharp.
Plan your guests ahead of time, right now.  Get your reservations in early to me or Libby.  Cost, menu, all details will be in the March 15th Baldwin Voter.  Committees may be calling on you.
CONFIRM:  February 22ND, March 22nd, March 23rd, and ANNUAL April 22nd.  Now/

The Baldwin Voter, 2-14-06, Special for Members Only, p. 4.
Let’s take a moment to review your MEMBER privileges at LWVUS and LWVAL.  It seems everything is going electronic.  Those of us computerized now receive the LWVAL VOTER by email.  To read your LWVAL eVoter:
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*Please do not share username and password with non-members.  If you need the username and password or have other questions or problems:
Jean Johnson is our past co-president and our communications expert, also our lobbyist!
Keep this information separate with other League basic materials where you can find it quickly.
Coming soon:  Thanks to Jean Johnson who so ably manages our web site, you and the public will soon be able to follow League priorities during the legislative session.  To get to the site, go to the home page – – and click on the LWVAL Legislative Report.
Advocacy Priorities:  Tier One:  Constitutional Reform, Election Law, Campaign Finance.
Tier Two:  Natural Resources, health-Care Funding, Tax Reform, Use of Motor Vehicle Revenue for Public Transportation.
Council, Auburn, May 6th:  Panels:  Natural Resources Issues; Election Administration Issues; and Civil Liberties Issues.  Speaker to address Selection of Judges in Alabama.  Sign up next month.
NEED TO KNOW:  Addressing Issues & Legislators
Explore ALISON:  Find out all about your State Constitution, Legislature, and the actions of the Legislature when in session by using the Alabama Legislative Information Service Online::
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Official Alabama Legislature site. 
  To find any Legislator:   
ACCESS TO LWVUS WEB SITE:   Just sign in by the directions – you will be sent an immediate email reply with the Member Password on it. Put it in that same safe place.                                                   
Arise: Citizens’ Policy Project:  (Poverty Project – Wayne Flynt)
Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform
Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA):

The Baldwin Voter, 2-14-06.  Special: MEMBERS ONLY, p. 5.
2005 – 2006 LEGISLATORS   -  REPRESENTATIVES  Baldwin County
Rep. Randy Davis                     PO Box 1083               State House, Room 538-B
House District 96                      Daphne, AL 36526      Montgomery 36130                 **  251-990-4615                334-242-7724
Rep. Joe Faust                         1100 Fairhope Ave.     State House, Room 524-C
House District 94                      Fairhope, AL 36532     Montgomery 36130
Does not use email                    **251-990-4615          334-242-7699
Rep. Steve McMillan                PO Box 337                 State House, Room 532
House District 95                      Bay Minette 36507       Montgomery 36130
Does not use email                    **251-937-6048          334-242-7723   - lives in Orange Beach
Rep.  Skippy White                  1416 Elizabeth Ave.     State House, Room 524-B
House District 66                      Pollard, AL 36441       Montgomery 36130
?                                              **251-296-4641          334-242-7705   - strip across north end of county
Sen. Bradley Byrne                   22489 Sea Cliff Dr.      State House, Room 738
Senate District 32                     Fairhope, AL 36532     Montgomery 36130
** 251-433-3234             334-242-7897
Governor Bob Riley              State Capitol                334-242-7100
                                                600 Dexter Ave.           334-353-0004 (fax)
                                                Montgomery 36130    
                        To email, go to:
The best letters are handwritten, personally worded and directly on point.
No email?  Try this House email system:   Put the name of the House member in the SUBJECT line of the email.
** The bold phone numbers will be answered and you may leave a short message for your legislator.
     You will not receive a reply, but the message will be delivered.  Those without email – it is
     impossible to determine if the messages are picked up.