Published by the League of Women Voters of Baldwin County

P.O. Box 937  Fairhope, AL 36533               January 1, 2006

LWVBC Board of Directors 2005 – 2006A


President:   Jeanne Lacey        (251) 626-413 Treasurer:    Libby Byars                  990-6047
1st VP         Pat Laraway Director I:    Margaret Solberger
2nd VP        Jeannine Stutsman Director II:  Jeanine Normand
Secretary:  Virginia Nelson App. Dir:     Patricia Riddick


NEW YEAR'S MESSAGE:              We managed to live through 2005.  Some of us bear scars from the misery wrought by the hurricanes, either personally or for close family and friends.  We have tried to keep working in the most helpful ways we could to provide some relief for those whose personal disasters were beyond our reach.  Let us resolve to continue those efforts and extend our reach by helping resolve the problems of rebuilding our area and State.  The League's work is ever before us.  We are strengthening in brainpower and know how with new members ready to use their time and talents.  It is with pleasure that I introduce them to you, in alphabetical order.  How fortunate we are!  Welcome to the Baldwin County League! 

Helen Earl (Spanish Fort)

Arlene F. Estelle (Spanish Fort) (ACCR volunteer).

Laura Griffin (Fairhope) (Student)

John T. Harris (Spanish Fort ) (ACCR Volunteer.)

Gray Jones (Fairhope) (from Mobile LWV)

Sarah & Warren Katz (Fairhope)

Celeste Neuffer (Spanish Fort ) * Four months.

Betty Phillips, DVM ret. (Spanish Fort ) *  Six months.

A warm welcome to our family.  Now let's see what January holds in store for all of us:

JANUARY 4, 2006 PRESS CONFERENCE AT CAPITOL:  First step in making Constitutional History!

Rep. Demetrius Newton and Senator Ted little will hold a press conference announcing the bill calling for a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the 1901 Constitution on Wednesday, January 4th in the House of Representatives Chambers, 5th Floor of the State House.  Go if you possibly can.  If you can, email Cary Page at – or see if it is on TV at 10 AM or at least the noon news!  We will soon have the list of legislators who will help us get the bill passed.  I sincerely hope our local legislators are on that list!


Try your dead level best to complete your signature pages.  Every signature is precious, so send those sheets that are not completed also.  Sign your sheets in the upper corner.  Mail by Saturday:  Jeanne Lacey, 500 Spanish Fort Blvd #133   Spanish Fort, AL 36527.   Remember the 39 cent stamp!

The Baldwin Voter, 1-1-06, p. 2.

LWVBC BOARD MEETING:  Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 11 A.M., Daphne Library.  The Grinch Bug stole the first part of December, costing me 4 days in Thomas Hospital, lots of tests, and leaving me well but

weak kneed.  This will be a strategy planning session and confirmation of dates coming up.  Plans awaiting the final date include the public Forum with Jack Edwards and Bradley Byrne addressing the issues to be resolved in the Constitutional Convention. 

JANUARY 12, 2006:  ACCR MEETING FOR VOLUNTEERS, former US CONGRESSMAN JACK EDWARDS, SPEAKING.  He will discuss problems facing Alabama due to the 1901 Constitution and address current efforts to draft a new constitution.  Mobile Chamber of Commerce, McGowin Room, 451 Government St. at Noon.  Must reserve for light lunch.  RSVP: Kyle Greer at 431-8621 or email no later than Tuesday, Jan. 10th.  Get together and reserve your spot. Congressman Edwards is the co-chair of ACCR.

JANUARY 21, 2006 in Montgomery, LWVAL State Board Meeting:  I will bring you a full report.

* * * *



JANUARY 25, 2006:  "LET THE PEOPLE VOTE" RALLY!  Presentation to the Legislature of the People's

Petitions calling for a Constitutional Convention of elected citizens to re-write the 1901 Alabama Constitution.

WEDNESDAY AT 9 A.M:  Capitol steps on Dexter Avenue, Capitol Building, Montgomery.  Students start reading the 1901 Constitution and continue until 9 PM.  (Rain?  Move to Auditorium in Capitol.)

11:15 A.M:  RALLY on the Capitol steps.  Presentation of 60,000+ signatures on the Petitions asking the Legislature to "Let the People Vote."   Contact your Legislators today and ask them to meet you there and visit with you afterwards.  WE WILL BE THERE.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  WE HAVE THE BUS CHARTERED.  $20 FARE MUST BE PREPAID BY CHECK TO JEANNE LACEY by January 7th TO HOLD YOUR PLACE.  NO REFUNDS.  IF YOU CAN'T GO, SEND A CHECK SO SOMEONE MAY GO IN YOUR PLACE (We have student volunteers that want to attend and need the fare.)

12:45 P.M. – 2:30 P.M.  ORGANIZE FOR SUCCESS MEETING:  Capitol Auditorium.  Bring posters or banners to show your support for ACCR and the LWVBC.  (No sticks or dowels allowed on signs – hand held only.)   Red, white and blue Patriotic theme.  This is where we come together as one to present our case and talk with and listen to the Legislative Leadership Sponsors. 

[Facts:  The climb to the platform on the Capitol steps is steep.  Lots of walking from and back to bus. Right now, we must provide our own lunch and snacks, bring small cooler.  Rain gear if predicted.  Comfortable walking shoes, dress for the weather, but look your best as we will be on camera.]

LONG DAY:  Our Colonial Trailways Charter Bus will meet the group from the Foley area behind the Foley Civic Center next to the National Guard Armory at 7:15 A.M. in the back parking lot.  Mobile/Eastern Shore group will depart from Westminster Village, Spanish Fort, at 8 A.M.  Capacity 56. 

Return trip after the Success Meeting, leaving Montgomery about 2:45 P.M.  Reverse route, be back in Foley before 7 P.M.  (Remember, I have to pay for the chartered bus by January 9th.)  MapQuest estimates 2 hours 40 minutes from Westminster.  Also visit ACCR:

Don't be late!  We can't wait!    Questions?  Jeanne 626-4133 or

The Baldwin Voter, 1-1-05, p. 3.

JANUARY 10, 2006, ALABAMA COASTAL FOUNDATION:  CATHY BARNETT will be at Westminster Village to speak at 7 P.M.  She will talk about what you can do and what you need to know about preserving and protecting our coastal lands.  This meeting is open to the public, and our League is invited to attend.  It will be an excellent opportunity to get background information and an update on the status of our highly sensitive areas along the shores of the Bay and Gulf.  Cathy is CEO for AL Coastal Foundation; also a member of the Daphne City Council.  Let's take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions vital to us about problems and rapid growth in our Eastern Shore and Gulf areas.



VIRGINIA FOSTER DURR was unanimously selected as an inductee to the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame.   The ceremony will take place at Judson College in Marion, Alabama on March 9, 2006.    She was a member of the League of Women Voters of Montgomery, worked tirelessly to eliminate the poll tax.  She and her husband (attorney) played a strong role in the battle for civil rights in the 1950's, even enduring accusations that they were Communist sympathizers.  She chose to ÒLive Outside the Magic Circle,Ó stating, ÒYou do it because you believe it is right.Ó  (Read about her in Women Who Made a Difference in Alabama,Ó pp. 45-48, ©1995.

LWVUS-EF is cosponsoring the 2006 Midyear Meeting of the American Judicature Society in  Birmingham, February 24 and 25 at Cumberland Law School.  LWVAL wishes to participate as we have a long-term interest in the selection of Judges in Alabama.  I hope to be asked to attend this regional meeting.  Read about it at .

CONSTITUTION CONVENTION COALITION:  There was strong LWVAL Board support for joining the Coalition.  ACCR and Greater Birmingham Ministries have received the LWVAL Resolution that enlists us in the Coalition and pledges continued commitment to public education on the need for reform.

COMING UP:  FORUM details – with Edwards & Byrne.

Study of the Legislature will continue in February and March (Springen & Byars.)

Early March:  Environmental Study being planned.

April 22, 2006:  Annual Meeting at Westminster Village  Mark your calendars to avoid conflicts.

February 8, 2006:  Next LWVBC Board Meeting.

URGENT:  Get signed Petitions to me by Monday, January 9th. 

RESERVE your place on the Charter Bus - $20 to me by January 7th.

We are all getting excited about the Rally!  Watch the news this Wednesday!  Jeanne