Membership Dues Payment

LWVEA dues for 2012-2013 are due by April 16, 2012. Please help the League stay "in the black" by paying your dues on time.

To pay your dues by check
, please mail your check made out to LWVEA to:
Kristen de la Fuente,
LWVEA Treasurer
315 719-8205 

If you are a new member, thank you for joining the League! You will soon be contacted by Sandy Robinson, LWVEA Membership Chair. She will provide you with membership information and get you oriented. You can contact Sandy at 334 501-2204 or We look forward to getting to know you!

If you are a renewing member, thank you for continuing your membership.

In either case, we appreciate your membership. As a member of the League of Women Voters, you are helping make democracy work better in our community, state, and nation!

Please contact the League if you have any questions regarding your membership or would like to contact us for any reason. You can contact Sandy (see above) or call the League at 334 821-4306.

Again, thank you for your membership!

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