Fall 2008 Edition
Published February 22, 2008
© 2008 League of Women Voters of Alabama

Legislative Interviews

The Advocacy Committee thanks the following League members for interviewing members of the 2008 Alabama Legislature.

Cissy Bennett, Greater Birmingham
Edith Davis, Montgomery
Barbara Estridge, East Alabama
Sylvia Goldmann, East Alabama
Ruth Gynther, East Alabama
Valeria Harman, Montgomery
Kathryn Kerchof, Greater Birmingham
Lorena Joyce Nicoll, Montgomery
Pat Laraway, Baldwin County
Sarah McDonald, Greater Birmingham
Anna Louise McKown, East Alabama
Ruth Ott, Montgomery
Virginia Randolph, Greater Birmingham
Leonette Slay, Greater Birmingham
Susannah Stewart, Montgomery
Helen Tavish, Montgomery
Karen Threlkeld, Greater Birmingham
Josie Walsh, East Alabama
Charlotte Ward, East Alabama

We also thank Deidra Perry and Sissy Hembree of the Birmingham Junior League, who assisted with two of the interviews.            

-- Anne Permaloff
LWVAL Advocacy Chair
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