Fall 2008 Edition
Published February 22, 2008
© 2008 League of Women Voters of Alabama

ACCR Press Release:  
Bipartisan Effort Files Constitution Convention Bills   

In a historic and remarkable bi-partisan effort, thirty-five Alabama Legislators have joined together to sponsor and co-sponsor companion bills, House Bill 308 and Senate Bill 243, to Let the People Vote on calling a Constitution Convention to rewrite the 1901 Alabama Constitution!

If passed, Alabama citizens will have their first opportunity in over 100 years to vote for a Constitution Convention at a special election in June, 2010, at the same time as the Alabama Gubernatorial Primary Election.

Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton (D. Birmingham), the Sponsor of HB 308, was joined by 18 Co-Sponsors in the House: Representatives Alvin Holmes (D, Montgomery),  Bill J. Dukes (D, Decatur), Priscilla Dunn (D, Bessemer), Thomas Jackson (D, Thomasville), Pebblin Warren (D, Tuskegee), James Gordon (D, Saraland), Rod Scott (D, Fairfield), John Knight, Jr. (D, Montgomery), Sue Schmitz (D, Toney), John Robinson (D, Scottsboro), Barbara Bigsby Boyd (D, Anniston), Patricia Todd (D, Birmingham), Mary Moore (D, Birmingham), Mike Curtis (D, Florence) Mike Hill (R, Columbiana), Tammy Irons (D, Florence), Christopher England (D, Tuscaloosa) and Earl F. Hilliard, Jr. (D, Birmingham). 

Also during the new Legislative Session, Senator Ted Little (D, Auburn), the Sponsor of SB 243, was joined by 15 Co-Sponsors in the Senate: Senators Steve French (R, Birmingham), Rodger Smitherman (D, Birmingham), Linda Coleman (D, Birmingham) Parker Griffith (D, Huntsville), Bobby Singleton (D, Greensboro), Edward B. “E.B.” McClain (D, Midfield), Myron Penn (D, Union Springs), Bobby Denton (D, Muscle Shoals), Wendell Mitchell (D, Luverne), Del Marsh (R. Anniston), Hinton Mitchem (D, Union Grove), Lowell Barron (D, Fyffe), Larry Means (D, Attalla), W.H. “Pat” Lindsey (D, Butler) and Kim Benefield (D, Woodland).

“This is a great initial response to the growing grassroots momentum throughout the state of voters, students and organizations urging all legislators to simply trust the people by passing HB 308 and SB 243 to Let the People Vote,” said Lenora Pate, State Chair for Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, Inc. 

Both Bills, along with more information on ACCR’s historic legislative efforts, education endeavors, organizational regions, and other items of interest, can be found at ACCR’s website - www.constitutionalreform.org.  Several polls taken in 2006 show that a majority of voters, both Democrat and Republican, would vote for a Constitution Convention, if given the opportunity.  The results of these polls can be viewed at

LEAGUERS: If any of your senators’ and representatives’ names appear as sponsors of theses bills, tell them “thanks.”
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