Fall 2008 Edition
Published February 22, 2008
© 2008 League of Women Voters of Alabama

Update on Constitutional Reform

ACCR has come further in our quest for a new constitution in Alabama than  ever before.  Legislation reached the floor of the Alabama House last  year and ACCR feels it will go further this year. This Legislative Session bills  are again sponsored in the House by Speaker Pro Tem, Demetrius Newton  (HB 308) and in the Senate by Senator Ted Little (SB 243).  The bills, if passed, will set a date for voter approval of a constitutional convention  at the June Primary of 2010.  Election of delegates will follow the following November at the same time as the Gubernatorial election (2010)and the delegates would  spend the next year writing a new constitution.  Final approval of the  new document, which voters can approve in part or as a whole, will probably  take place in the November election of 2012.

The quest for a new convention has gained the support of more than  30 organizations throughout the state in a dedicated movement called  Constitution Convention Coalition.  In addition, a College Council of  many colleges has joined forces to bring this effort forward.  We are  relentless and we will ultimately succeed.

-- Nancy Ekberg
LWVAL ACCR Co-Coordinator 
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