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The Alabama Voter
Summer 2009 Edition

Published September 13, 2009

2009 League of Women Voters of Alabama

LWVAL to Participate in Making Historic Film   

"If we would have white supremacy, we must establish it by law – not force or fraud," said John B. Knox, President of the 1901 Constitutional Convention as he advised the 155 delegates on their role as writers of Alabama’s sixth constitution.  These words and many as egregious, taken directly from the transcript of the Convention’s proceedings, are part of a re-enactment that will become a film and DVD showing the origins and intent of our current Constitution.  The half hour drama is being directed by Melanie Jeffcoat and includes actors (donating their time): Jesse Bates, Gordon Pate, Sam Chalker, John Northrop, Alan Gardner, Johathan Fuller, John Paul Taylor, Rex Slate, Jeff Jeffcoat and Thed Weller as well as Melanie.  Cinematographer is Patrick Seehan and film editor is Reuben Clay.  First costumed filming will be held September 19 and 20, allowing the film to be available by the end of this year for distribution to all legislators, schools and organizations that wish to view it.

Your League is a co-sponsor of a re-enactment/film about the delegates who wrote Alabama’s last Constitution. Joining in sponsoring the effort are: ACCR Inc., the League of Women Voters of Alabama, (who has donated toward the effort through the LWVAL-EF) American Association of University Women, Alabama Chapter and Greater Birmingham Ministries.  Scott Douglas of GBM was the first to uncover the transcript of the proceedings.

Women’s organizations are involved because a woman, Ms. Frances Griffin, addressed the men to ask that women’s voices be included in the document and vote.  The men, as we all know, denied her wish.  Contact Nancy Ekberg if you would like more information about this effort:  nanekberg@aol.com or 205 967-2897. 

-- Nancy  Ekberg
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