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The Alabama Voter
Summer 2009 Edition

Published September 13, 2009

2009 League of Women Voters of Alabama

Transportation:  An Ongoing Concern

As many Leaguers know, the League is part of a statewide transit organization called Alabama Transit Coalition.  The ATC is now a member of a Commission approved by the Alabama Legislature last full session, called the Statewide Alabama Transit Commission.  It is comprised of 11 transit systems in the state, lawmakers and others to study how the transit needs in Alabama can be met and how to pay for it.  It is to make recommendations to the Legislature before the state of the 2011 Legislative session, with an eye to funding.

The ATC meets in Montgomery and is currently putting together a database of all existing ride providers that will be posted on the State’s website.  That link will be the Governor’s Office on Disability and available to those who have internet access.  After that, ATC will focus on finding a way to allow callers to find the rides they need.  ATC hopes to allow the 2-1-1 (the statewide call-center system similar to 9-1-1…but dedicated to social needs like health and welfare) call system to expand so that it can also handle calls from those who need transportation.  That will require software that provides the necessary match between a caller and a ride provider.  But it is a step in the right direction.

League members are invited to attend any ATC meeting.  Let Nancy Ekberg know if you would like to be contacted about the meetings.  nanekberg@aol.com.

-- Nancy Ekberg
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