Summer 2008 Edition
Published September 12, 2008
2008 League of Women Voters of Alabama

Online Appellate Court Voter Guide Coming Soon   

On November 4, Alabama voters will decide who will fill the Place 1 position on the Court of Civil Appeals, Places 1 and 2 on the Court of Criminal Appeals, and one Supreme Court Associate Justice position.

To assist voters in making informed decisions, the LWV of Alabama Education Fund will publish an online Appellate Court Voter Guide which covers biographical information, educational and professional qualifications and answers to seven fundamental, nonpartisan questions for each participating candidate.  The Guide will be posted on the League web site (www.lwval.org) on or about Sunday, September 28.

The LWVAL Voter Guide Committee urges you to make sure League members, organizations and media in your communities know about the Appellate Court Voter Guide and how to access it.  Technical Director, Jean Johnson, will send a press release to local League presidents or designated contacts and League members in the state who have email, as well as statewide organizations and media markets.

Becky Sylvester,
Voter Guide Committee

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