Fall 2008 Edition
Published December 12, 2008
2008 League of Women Voters of Alabama

Report from the State Board Meeting of December 7

Plans for the 2009 state League convention are underway. Sarah McDonald is in charge of arrangements (place, date, etc); Anne Permaloff and Sarah Mc Donald will review the bylaws and present any needed changes; Yvonne Brakefield and Ginnie Bennett are the budget committee; Nancy Ekberg, Sandy Robinson, and Jeanne Lacey are the nominating committee. Suggestions for nominees should be sent to Nancy Ekberg (nanekberg@aol.com). Suggestions for study items should be sent to Ruth Wright, program chair (ruthwright@bellsouth.net).

At Convention, the LWVAL presents several awards. The Phyllis Rea Award, presented at each convention, recognizes the local league that has experienced the greatest percentage growth since the last convention. This award is made on the basis of the state treasurer’s calculations, which are based on national membership data.

The other two awards are presented only when a really candidate is nominated. The Joyce Woodworth Award recognizes a league member for significant service at the state and local levels. Its latest recipient was Anne Permaloff, who has served not only as state president and local but on the advocacy committee in addition to lending her expertise as a political scientist to all League endeavors.

The Jane Katz Award recognizes a person or group in the state who has made a significant state-level contribution to the accomplishment of League principles of government. Its initial recipient was the Alabama Press Club for its work on open meetings.

If you have a suggestion for either the Woodworth or the Katz award, please send it to Charlotte Ward at w_cutis@bellsouth.net. Ward and Permaloff constitute the 2009 awards committee.

In addition to encouraging league members to get involved in the ACCR Mock Constitutional Convention (see below), the board also planned ways to make the results of the League’s long involvement in Constitutional reform available to the ACCR Convention. The results of the League’s long and careful study of Constitutional Reform can be read on the LWVAL website at
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