Fall 2007 Edition
Published December 6, 2007
© 2007 League of Women Voters of Alabama

MALs Play Important Role in Advocacy

Members at Large have a key role to play in LWVAL legislative advocacy efforts. An example of how this can work occurred a few years ago when a key committee vote was scheduled on a major ethics reform bill that the League supported. The bill had passed one house and would achieve passage in the other house if reported from committee. A member of the LWVAL Advocacy Team learned the swing vote in committee was wavering. The legislator, a supporter of reform, was worried that no voters from his district had contacted him in support of the legislation but opponents had. So, the League sent a message to the MALs asking them to e-mail, fax, or call the legislator urging him to vote for the reform bill. Calls from just four MALS from his district were all the legislator needed in order to vote the way he wanted and knew was correct. Contacts from League members outside his district would not have been as effective.
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