Fall 2007 Edition
Published December 6, 2007
© 2007 League of Women Voters of Alabama

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DID YOU KNOW that people who fear that delegates to a constitutional convention would not know how to write a new one, don't stop to realize that citizens have written the last six Alabama Constitutions?  What's more, there are excellent models or guides.  Two of them can be found on the ACCR Website under the category RESOURCES.  One of them is the Proposed 1973 Constitution written by a Commission organized by then Governor Albert Brewer and the second one is the 1983 Constitution written totally by the Alabama legislators.  The one written in 1973 under Gov. Brewer was dropped by his successor, Governor George Wallace.  The one written in 1983 was legally challenged and the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional because our 1901 Constitution states that only citizen delegates may write a whole new constitution and that legislators can change only article by article.  Both documents are at
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