Fall 2007 Edition
Published December 6, 2007
© 2007 League of Women Voters of Alabama

Constatutional Coalition Meeting

The Constitution Convention Coalition, with the League as one of its more than 30 members, held a very successful Summit on Saturday, November 17th at Birmingham Southern College. Attendees from throughout the state, representing many organizations, heard about plans for bills calling for a people's convention that will be introduced in the 2008 Legislative Session which begins on February 5th, as well as College Council plans to organize a rally again in 2008.  Attendees heard a strong Power Analysis presentation which identified the persons and organizations that support reform and those that do not, as well as those in the middle who need convincing.  Attendees participated in a "Knowledge Cafe" exercise in which tables of five persons answered one of three questions concerning a convention and then rotated to other tables to answer the other two questions.  All questions focused on support and opposition to reform, underlying questions that reformers are now facing and steps required to take the movement forward.  Attendees also discussed messages that could supplement "Let the People Vote" in order to convince non-supporters that the cause is valid.  Finally, attendees heard of communities that were harmed by lack of home rule and were urged to add their own messages to the mix.  A wrap-up of the Summit will be available on the ACCR Web site,
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