Fall 2007 Edition
Published December 6, 2007
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Transportation Update

In a meeting in Montgomery on October 15, as follow-up to the statewide Transportation Means Business Conference that was held in April in Montgomery, the planners decided to continue the effort for public transportation through a grassroots effort  that was recommended by Speaker of the House Seth Hammett and the Governor's office.  Planners will review legislation offered in the past Legislative Session and research bills to be offered in the 2008 Session.  Members of the planning committee will meet with legislators and business leaders to see how the committee might move public transportation forward. Representatives Cam Ward and Mac Gipson have offered bills in the past session and will probably offer bills again in 2008.
A meeting was held by the Delta Regional Authority on Friday, October 26th in Selma.  The Mississippi Delta region has money available to provide funding to transportation projects but had not considered including public transit until many voices in earlier meetings and at the Selma meeting spoke urging them to  include public transit in their planning.  .
All of these meetings around the state show the need for all of us to speak up for public transportation whenever we are with officials.  They eventually get the message.
Nancy Ekberg represented the League at these meetings.  For more information contact her at 205 967-2897 or at
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