Spring 2008 Edition
Published April 10, 2008
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Long-time Civil Rights Activist and Faithful Leaguer Dies
Johnnie Carr, friend and coworker with Rosa Parks since the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, died this winter at 97. She was a member of the Montgomery League and a spokesperson for Constitutional Reform as recently as the ACCR rally during the 2007 legislative session. This is how Leaguers in Montgomery remember her:

"Johnnie was capable of standing up in a meeting to ask the tough questions that others wanted to asked but could not muster the courage to do so. She asked probing questions of some of the toughest politicos in this state and did it with sincerity and grace. As a result she got answers. Those questioned were not always comfortable about having the question asked or about the answers they had to give, but they respected the questioner and knew she would not give up."

Ursula and Don Nolte of the Montgomery League wrote this about Mrs. Carr:

"One of Mrs. Carr's main concerns was to get people to vote, especially women and African Americans.  She pursued this consistently and spoke of it at the last League meeting she attended.
Her favorite saying was that a lot has been accomplished since the Civil Rights movement, but we still have a long way to go.

She made a point of coming to League meetings even when she had a lot of other obligations and she stayed active to the end.  She was blessed with good health and a clear mind up to the last month of her life.

With Johnnie one had a sense that she was always reaching out to others.  She embraced people as a mother (or grand-mother) without regard to race or socio-economic background, and those of us who knew her well will miss her.

While she always confronted societal problems with directness and energy, she always looked for the positive in every situation."
Her passing is a great loss to us, to Montgomery, to the League, to this country and to the world.
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