Spring 2008 Edition
Published April 10, 2008
© 2008 League of Women Voters of Alabama

The LWVAL Legislative Report

The LWVAL Advocacy Committee has been monitoring activity in the Alabama Legislature. This includes reading legislation upon its introduction, determining those bills of concern to the League, and then tracking legislative action on those bills. This tracking involves not only determining how the content of a bill has changed but its status in the legislative process. Based on this work the Committee recommends the issuance of Action Alerts and the sending of communications by the League to legislators or the press. It assists in the drafting of these communications.

Each week while the legislature is in session, a LWVAL Legislative Report from the Advocacy Committee is placed on the League web page (www.lwval.org). Updated at the end of each week it contains the following information: a list of League priorities; a link to the bills that are being watched in each priority area and a summary of their content; LWVAL's Position on each bill; the progress of the legislation; and finally League action. In the last category Action Alerts and directions for action are given if they apply.

These reports are located on a section of the web page that also explains how to use ALISON, the Alabama Legislative Information System Online. The League's Issue Positions are found there, too. Every LWVAL member should become familiar with the Legislative Report and the supporting information to which it is linked.

-- Anne Permaloff
Advocacy Committee Chair
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