Spring 2008 Edition
Published April 10, 2008
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Majority of Citizens Want Constitution Convention

A recent poll shows that a majority of Alabama citizens want their legislators to allow citizens to vote on whether or not to have a Constitution Convention.

The poll, taken this month by Capital Survey Research Center, asked 599 citizens from throughout the State if they wanted their legislator to allow Alabama citizens to vote on whether or not to have a Constitution Convention.

The positive attitude toward a Constitution Convention existed in all categories of those questioned. The categories included regions of the state, party affiliation, church attendance, gender, race, age, rural, urban and income level.

The results show that 70.5% of Democrats and 55.3% of Republicans are in favor of a Convention. Regionally, north Alabama showed the highest favorable percentage with 64%, while middle and south Alabama followed with 65.1% and 52.3%, respectively.  The poll showed 63% of responders in rural counties were also in favor of a Convention.

African Americans were the most supportive of a Convention (74.5%); however, a majority of the Caucasians polled were supportive (61.8%).  All ages supported the Convention; however, the ranges of 22 to 34 years of age and 56 to 65 years of age showed the highest percentages of 70.2% and 70.7%. Higher support came from those with higher incomes; however, all income levels showed a majority supported a Convention.

Bills that would allow voters to approve or reject holding a Constitution Convention are currently in Rules Committees in both Houses of the Alabama Legislature.  HB 308, sponsored by Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton and 18 other representatives, passed the Constitution and Elections Committee and is now in the Rules Committee of the House.  SB 243, sponsored by Senator Ted Little and 15 other Senators, passed the Judiciary Committee and is now in the Senate Rules Committee.

"These poll results confirm that the growing grassroots momentum of voters, students and organizations from all parts of the State and all walks of life desire all legislators to simply trust the people by passing HB 308 and SB 243 to Let the People Vote," said Lenora Pate, State Co-Chair for Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, Inc.  

Both bills, along with more information on ACCR's historic legislative efforts, education endeavors, organizational regions, and other items of interest can be found at ACCR's website - www.constitutionalreform.org.

-- Nancy Ekberg
ACCR Co- Coordinator
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