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Note:  Non-League material linked on this web page is not endorsed by the League of Women Voters. It is offered only as example and/or reference.


Tips - Use quotation marks around exact phrases, e.g. "public transportation" or "public transit".Use a negative sign to exclude unwanted words or phrases, e.g. immigrants  Tuscaloosa Alabama -lawyer -attorney. Use advanced searches to narrow focus, e.g. by author, publication, or range of publication.

or try Advanced Google Search

Special Google Databases
- advanced
Scholarly Papers
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- advanced

Google Alerts - Get emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms. Results from News, Web, Blogs, and Groups. Use Google Alerts as your personal ongoing media research service.

Other Search Engines

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LWVUS Our Work (Taking Action)
- Election information for every state
LWVUS for Members (your email address, your password)
Tips: I
n order to enter the member's area, even if you are a member of the LWV,  you must register if your email address is not in the LWVUS database. If you’re not sure if your email address is in the database, or if you don’t know your password, just try to register, i.e. go to  https://member.lwv.org/PreRegister.asp and provide your first & last name & email address. If your email address is in the system, your password will be emailed to you. If your email address is NOT in the system, then you’ll be asked for your mailing address. The system will check to see if you’re a member, and if so, your password will be emailed to you. Then login with user name (your email address) and password here. Then click on "For Members".

Forum Groups Subscribe a discussion by League members on a public issue important to you and your League.


League of Women Voters of Alabama
LWVAL Website
(Some of the pages/documents below require LWVAL member username and password. Contact Jean Johnson at 205 222-2097 or jjohnson@lwval.org if you need access assistance.)
LWVAL Core Documents
LWVAL for Members
LWVAL and Local League Board Directories
LWVAL Legislative Report
Tip:  Use this report to follow the progress of legislation important to LWVAL positions and legislative priorities.  Updated status report is posted weekly during the legislative session. The 2014 report is linked here. To update in the future, change the year from 2014 to current session year.

LWVAL Facebook
LWVAL Twitter


LWV Baldwinn County
LWV Greater Birmingham
LWV East Alabama
LWV Mobile
LWV Montgomery
LWV Greater Tuscaloosa

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United States
Congress, Agencies, etc. 
Thomas U.S. legislative information
Judicial Supreme & Lower Fed Courts
Executive White House, Exec. Depts., etc.
Congress.org Take action. Addresses all 3 branches.
USA.gov US gov't official web site


ALISON Alabama Legislative System Online
Use ALISON to find bills then track their progress and find out who sponsors the legislation and who needs your advocacy focus. For advice on using ALISON for effective advocacy, see:
"ALISON as League Advocacy Tool:  A quick and dirty overview". Also, see "The Alabama Legislature:  Facts and Issues" on the LWVAL web site.

AL Legislature - Legislature's official web site
AL Secretary of State
Elections Division
AL Votes - Register, polling place, sample ballots, absentee voting, etc.
AL Voter Guide 2014 pdf - Rules and regulations for voting in AL
AL Photo Voter ID Guide pdf - Detailed info. about the 2014 photo voter ID law
AL Governor
AL Courts
AL Gov't & Agencies Directory
Alabama - Alabama's official web site

(Government in AL League Communities)

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Note:  Publications listed here are offered only as a sampling. The League does not endorse any of them. 
Conservative News & Commentary
Liberal News & Commentary
Political Parties
Polls and Political News
National Conservative Blogs & Opinion
National Liberal Blogs & Opinion
Alabama/Birmingham Political Blogs

Also, see "The Next Step" for more Alabama blogs and League blogs.

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... and the computer resources to get there.
Take your League to the next level of community service, visibility and intra-League communication.

Update your League's web site
Your League web site is your public face now more than ever! It's not as difficult as you might think. Web editing software is user friendly and no programming experience is necessary. KompoZer, a free program, is a powerful but user-friendly web site editor as one of its components. Also, you will need a FTP program such as CoffeeCup Free FTP (for PC) Smart FTP (for PC), or Cyberduck (for Mac) (all free) to send your web page to the Internet server. Again, this involves NO PROGRAMMING. Contact Jean Johnson for set-up assistance at jjohnson@lwval.org or 205 870-3063.

Create a Blog for your League

A blog (web log) is a website where entries are made and displayed in a reverse chronological order. They can be educational (such as providing commentary or news on a particular subject), and they can serve as a venue for the exchange of ideas. Access to your blog can be set for the public, for members of your League only, or for only a select group such as your League’s board or a study committee. A blog can combine text, images, and links to other blogs and web pages.

Free blog creation and hosting resources

Sample LWV blogs

Host a free conference call with Skype
Skype is software that enables one to make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. Also, free one-to-one video calls are possible when both parties have a webcam. Calls to landlines and mobile phones are also available at reasonable rates (within the U.S. the rate is 3.9 cent connection fee + 2.1 cents per min.) Host instant text messaging chats with up to 100 people at a time. Skype also supports 10-way conference calling on PC-s with new Intel processors.

Host a virtual meeting with...

Try a new web browser - all free
Chrome - For Win, For Mac
Firefox - For Win, For Mac
Safari - For Mac
Microsoft Internet Explorer - For Win, For Mac.

Internet Service Providers
Use this list as a quick link to your ISP (if listed here) or, if your ISP is not performing to your satisfaction, check out a new one.

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The LWVAL Education Fund provides non-partisan information to the citizens of Alabama about public issues, voting, and the democratic process. Please click here to make a tax-free donation.

Thank you for your support!

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