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A Tier I Legislative Priority for the League of Women Voters of Alabama in 2009
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Legislation to watch in 2009

HB73 - Sponsored by Representative Ward. 

SB257 - Sponsored by Senators Dixon, Marsh, Waggoner, Erwin, and Glover

SB504 - Sponsored by Senator Dixon

LWVAL is also monitoring HB2, HB3, and HB9. See Monitored Legislation to read about these bills that address Government Transparency & Accountability.

About the Legislation

About HB73

Campaign and Political Action Committees that are required by these sections to file electronic disclosures must list twice before election (early and within 5-10 days) a list of contributors who gave over $100 in aggregate. 

The annual report for campaign committees, PACs and elected state and local officials in 17-5-9 must identify the source of every contribution above $100.  “…in the case of a political action committee identification shall mean the name and city of residence of each person who has made contributions within the calendar year in an aggregate amount greater than one hundred dollars ($100).”  

In addition …campaign contributions and expenditures in an amount greater than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) shall be submitted over the Internet by computer file containing the reporting information in a format and medium to be prescribed by the Secretary of State. 

Other requirements would enable accurate audits: listing other assets like loans or services; listing totals for the year; listing contributions not covered by other requirements.  Strongly worded affidavits would limit evasions.

About SB257

Original bill extended the period between sunset reviews from 4 years to 8 years; substitute changes the period to 6 years.

About SB504

Public records, official required to provide copy within five working days of request, reasonable fees authorized, Sec. 36-12-41 am'd.

LWVAL's Position

LWVAL supports HB73

LWVAL Campaign Finance position calls for laws that “ensure the public's right to know, combat corruption and undue influence . . . “

LWVAL supports SB257, now Substitute 110530-1.

This bill maintains transparency and accountability but makes the review process more reasonable in terms of timing and thereby reduces costs.

LWVAL supports SB504.

This bill increases transparency and accountability.

Progress of Legislation

HB73 was prefiled 2/3/09 and assigned to the House Committee on Constitution & Elections (House C&E). On 2/19/09 pending third reading on day 7. Favorable from Constitution and Elections. 5/7 Indefinitely postponed.

SB257 introduced 3/05/09; Passed with amendment (107264) on 3/10/09 and sent to House; Sent to House Boards and Commissions; 4/01/09 1st substitute (110530) offered and passed in B&C; pending 3rd read and favorable from B&C.

SB504 3/24 1st read; 3/31 pending 3rd read and favorable from Governmental Affairs (GA). 5/14 Indefinitely postponed.

LWVAL Action

LWVAL has expressed support for HB73.

LWVAL has expressed support for SB257, now Substitute 110530-1.

LWVAL has expressed support for SB504.


AMENDMENT 107264-1


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