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Legislation to watch in 2008

HB123 sponsored by Representatives Ward and McCutcheon

About the legislation

This bill stablishes the Alabama Transportation Commission and provides for the members, manner of selection of members, tems, qualifications, duties, reponsibilities, conpensation and expenses; addresses the salary, appointment, qualifications, and authority of the Director of the Department of Transportation, etc.

LWVAL's Position

The LWVAL takes no position on HB123 at this time, but continues to monitor the legislation.

Progress of the Legislation

HB123 was read for the first time in the House 2/5 and referred to the House Committee on Government Operations (GO). GO reported HB123 Substitute 96911-1 favorably out of committee and the House passed HB123 Substitute 96911-1 (95-1) on 2/7/08. The legislation was read in the Senate on 2/7/08 and referred to Senate Committee on Government Affairs.

LWVAL Action

LWVAL has taken no position on HB123 Substitute 96911-1 but continues to monitor the legislation.

READ HB123 Substitute 96911-1

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