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Legislation relating to implementation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
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Legislation to watch in 2006

SB180 - Sponsored by Senator Smitherman

About the legislation

SB180 Bill Synopsis: "This bill would provide that there shall be electronic voting equipment capable of meeting the needs of disabled or alternative language voters installed in each ward, precinct, or beat."

LWVAL's Position

The League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS) believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.* In its interpretation of this "Citizen's Right to Vote" Position, the LWVUS states:

"In order to ensure integrity and voter confidence in elections, the LWVUS supports the implementation of voting systems and procedures that are secure, accurate, recountable and accessible."

Read all LWVUS Position on Voting Rights in "Impact on Issues"
(See Voting Rights - Citizen's Right to Vote, pp. 4-8.)

The LWVAL holds this position on Election Law Reform.

* In addition to its own positions, LWV of Alabama also holds the positions of the LWV of the United States.

Progress of the Legislation

was first read in the Senate on 1/10/2006 and referred to the Senate Committee on Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Elections (Senate C & E).

Senate C&E passed SB180 out of committee with a favoralbe report by a 7-0 vote on 2/21/06.

SB180 was indefinitely postponed by the Senate on 4/6/06, thus effectively killing the legislation for 2006.

LWVAL Action

LWVAL took no action on SB180.


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